Pretty much what Mondays feel like.

Pretty much what Mondays feel like.

This art is about what Mondays feel like.

Normally, I’d say that I don’t like Mondays, nor do I like mornings very much. I feel like both are often met with a needlessly cheerful disposition that on the best of Mondays, would make me pretty cross. This Monday, however, after the events of the close of last week, finds me feeling even more adversarial toward the first workday of the week than usual.

I did very much enjoy drawing a section of the interior of the Fortress of Togetherness. It seems like the protagonist was gearing up to have some kind of tea party or somesuch before the Monday Vortex opened in her bedroom. You would think that there would be some sort of warning about that, but spontaneous opening of portals to other dimensions, often stupid ones, happens with alarming regularity in superhero homes. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four intentionally built a Negative Zone Portal, pretty much in his living room. If that’s not hubris, I don’t know what is.

The pull of the space time vortex of Monday is huge. Not even our hero’s superstrength, fully enough to lift mountains and throw thing directly into the Sun, can keep her from being drawn in. Even Quislet is unable to fly his tiny spaceship away from it.

That’s what Mondays are. They come to us, and there’s no avoiding them. They set up shop in our Fortresses, and interrupt our tea parties with guests from the Adorable Zone. Once a week, this happens.

Being much more emotional than the protagonist, the events of last week have taken a toll on my motivation. The interesting thing about that is that I’m not taking days off, like many of my colleagues would. I’m going to go in, and do my job. The kids I work for shouldn’t be caught in the middle of what is ultimately an adult issue. The extras, though…the long after school hours, the free artwork, the lesson planning that ultimately everyone takes advantage of…that might see a massive drop off.

Also…I didn’t feel like drawing about school too much, so the next two days will be about gaming and comics, which are always good things. Even if I have to discuss them from the other side of the Monday Vortex.

By the way, Marvel Comics, you see that? Monday Vortex. You had a Vortex this year, and it was a “Black Vortex,” complete with negative connotations. Why couldn’t it have been a Cosmic Vortex? Something to think about, House of Ideas…especially when you’re running Hip Hop Variants right now.

See that? Already talking about comics.


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