Fast Times In Central City.

She has a pretty generic super speed as well, Barry.  Watch it.

She has a pretty generic super speed as well, Barry. Watch it.

At this point, we are two episodes deep into the second season of “The Flash.” Last season revolved around two central plot points: The Reverse Flash as the murderer of Barry’s mother, and Barry’s “love life”, such as it was. This season, both of those things seem pretty much in the “resolved” category. The Reverse Flash was erased from the timeline, and Barry seems to have settled into Iris as a sort of additional helper in his ensemble cast. That second part is just fine by me, because I found Iris to be one of the least interesting members of the cast.

Before anyone goes out of their way to correct me on the Reverse Flash status quo; bear in mind that the “Harrison Wells” character that we see at the end of Episode Two is the Earth-2 Harrison Wells. For anyone who hasn’t been watching the show, figure he’s like a copy of the original, on a parallel world. There’s also a villain called “Zoom”, who clearly fills the plot space of the “Reverse Flash.” So…there’s that.

This season is all about Earth-2 and the Multiverse, it seems. For two episodes, we have gotten Earth-2 Villains for the Flash to deal with, like Atom Smasher and the Sand Demon. The show unfolds pretty much as per formula, which is a formula that I like, with one major difference. In each episode, Barry’s method for defeating the Bad Guy of the Week overloads their powers through a loophole, one way or another…and in the process, kills them.

Let’s bring that home. In a casually grim turn of plot events, the Flash, sterling hero of Central City, straight up KILLS two villains without even a hint of remorse. More of a “good job, huh?” mentality, followed by motion forward in his social life. It’s supremely jarring with a character like the Flash, who is one of the “old school” of superheroes with a clear code against killing. Even more so with the presentation of the show, with Barry as a “likable nerd” of sorts, and the show being somewhat whimsical and humorous. It’s not enough to make me stop watching the show, but I think it is something they would need to address narratively.

About the art then…I mentioned earlier in the post that last season saw a HUGE focus on Barry Allen’s love life. In a single season, while professing his love for Iris, he dates Linda Park briefly, he kisses Caitlin Snow and Felicity Smoak…really going through all of the major female cast members on the show. Talk about moving fast. Apparently the Flash’s speed is not limited to just running. In fact, in one episode he is actually shown vibrating at super speed on a date with Linda, which I considered making a joke about.

The show did that well enough, so instead, I went with the protagonist being a bit put off by Barry’s “fast moves.” Not that she should judge. Looking back, the Flash has had a bunch of Team Ups with our hero since the show started…four that come to mind immediately, and with no effort. In fact, he was once depicted hanging around in the Fortress of Togetherness, so maybe his expectations are not so unrealistic.

Tomorrow…another post with nothing to do with school! Be there!


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