The Truth Hurts.

I enjoyed this one panel immensely.

I enjoyed this one panel immensely.

I’m going to start today with a brief talk about the art. Obviously, in terms of plot, it is in direct sequence from Saturday’s post…with the attempt by Guy Gardner and the protagonist to attempt to get their friend out of the Negative Zone, and into the Edu-Mountain. You will note that our hero is sporting a piece of headgear not unlike Special Amazon’s but considerably worse for wear. There are a few reasons for that.

First…to provide a visual link to the Special Amazon. Second…later in the week, the protagonist will have some serious new headgear, at least for a day or to, as well as a brief change in armor. Third…last week, one of my favorite masks started to openly lose chunks at the fencing club, so presenting the Amazonian headgear as falling apart seemed on point.

You’ll notice that on her right arm, the protagonist has a wound up Truth Lasso. Those things are a dime a dozen for amazons, so there must be a bunch laying around. It’s the same arm she is throttling a bureaucrat with, which is a very, very heavy handed metaphor. The fact is, if we are going to get my friend a transfer, it is only going to happen with a judicious and heavy handed application of the the truth.

The bureaucrats are presented as Starros…an old school DC comics villain. They are intelligent alien starfish that cling to a person, even a super person’s, face…and make them work for the group starfish consciousness. If anything ever clearly defined a bureaucrat, it’s that. The thing is…in the Negative Zone, the only thing they could possibly cling to are haters, or perhaps megahaters. I guess there might be @#$ clowns and half robot douchebags too…but all of those are going to make an amalgamation of negativity.

That, then, with layers of paperwork that could choke an elephant, create a pretty bad barrier to extricating anyone from my former place of employment. Word on the street says that valuable teachers are hard to come by there, these days. One sent to “teacher jail,” teachers walking off the job, and several “must place” teachers come together to create an environment that is hard to manage, and harder to teach in.

It makes me very glad that I’m out, that I’ve moved on, but also makes me wish that I could move my friend out all the more.

The sad thing is this though: those kind of staffing problems don’t happen on the West Side. Inner City communities in South LA or East LA, they have the staffing problems, and they need things like Reed Protection and the Vergara Case. Students of color, on federally funded meal plans, deal with massive staff turnover, and the forced placement of teachers who may not be the best. In neighborhoods like Venice, Palms, and Marina del Rey, there’s a waiting list for teachers, or people are brought in because they know someone. The selection criteria is entirely based on quality…because teachers want to be there.

My friend wants to travel from a South LA school to an East LA school….both of which were restructured under No Child Left Behind. She’s not selling out the Good Fight…she’s just saying she can’t fight it specifically where she is any longer. Things have gotten so rough though, that the school can’t let her go, and the maze of paperwork might be too hard to cut through.

Those are hard truths, and you don’t need a hand me down Truth Lasso to see them.

Next Issue: I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost!


2 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts.

  1. The lasso actually appears to be on the protagonist’s left arm. Out of curiosity, did you just confuse arms, or did you flip the image as part of your production process?

    • That’s more of an issue of me thinking something while typing, versus the actual content. Being a righty, I subconsciously put it on her right arm, where the busted up old Infinity Gauntlet is.

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