The Hoary Ghosts of Hoggoth.

Although Ghost Wizards were discussed at my table, the meeting did not get this interesting.

Although Ghost Wizards were discussed at my table, the meeting did not get this interesting.

Yesterday, I had another two and a half hours of the Reed “Investment School” settlement training. These “modules” of learning for teachers are so neutral as to be almost completely without content. The boredom as you sit through “training” that is repeating much of the basics that a person learns during their credentialing process is nothing short of Epic in its scope.

As a result, at one point I needed to turn to my co-teacher and ask a Burning Question. A question that was asked over Sunday Brunch, and met with serious debate. The question was this: “Who Wins In a Fight: A Ghost Wizard or a Ninja?” Some points of clarification…the Ghost Wizard is not a wizard with power over ghosts, the Ghost Wizard is a wizard who is now a ghost. It’s an important point.

I find that most people side with the Ghost Wizard, because he is in fact, a ghost. This makes him hard for the Ninja to punch or kick, in many people’s opinions…but almost no one ever brings up his Wizard powers. They pretty much stick to “he’s a ghost, right? The Ninja can’t touch him.”

Then, I add a rider. An important rider. “What if the ninja had nunchaku made from Mother Theresa’s thigh bones? They’d be holy, right? and thus, through holiness, be able to smite the Ghost Wizard like an exorcist movie prop.” For many people this concept is a Think Piece, for others, it’s just disturbing. Still, this conversation helped to carry the day of boredom.

I drew this on Sunday…knowing full well that the training would be…neutral to the point of systematic uselessness, and furthermore, predictable. I KNEW, in the same way that I know that two plus two should equal four, that the lengthy meeting would virtually demand the diversion of Ghost Wizard battle tactics, if you were in fact, a ninja. Heck…I have to assume they teach about that in Ninja School anyway. In fact, Ninja Educational Training has to be awesome. “Walk silently across the rice paper floor, failing every fourth student with a well placed red shuriken to his poorly written haiku about goats.” That kind of thing.

The protagonist and Pony though…they are NOT Ninjas. They are superheroes and ponies, respectively, and I’m a bit unsure how they would deal with a Ghost Wizard appearing out of a puff of flame in a boring cavern. I mean, yes, she has her noodle cape, an old Infinity Gauntlet with one gem, and a broken sword which used to be cool…but returning to popular wisdom, he’s a Ghost. Since she usually punches, or hurls things into the sun…our hero seems to be a bit ill equipped for this…maybe less equipped than the Ninja.

Still, the implication here is clear. One…that she’s confident that yes, her Generic Alien American Super Powers should be sufficient to the task. Two…at least this will be modestly challenging, and thus less boring, than the empty Cavern of Uselessness that the Office of Fathomless Bureaucracy sent her to.

About the art…I broke one of my sabres last week, at the fencing club. The things are easy to fix, you swap out one blade for another, but I don’t currently have a blade of the right tang cut and threading…a replacement is in the mail. As a result, it seems “on point” to have our hero with a broken sword as well…especially since as yet, there has been nothing in strip or in the life that inspires it to suggest that she has earned a “knightly weapon” from the Edu-Mountain.

Next Issue: Zombies! (At least one.) And Bonus Images…with color!


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