Howl at the Moon.

"I think that she might be  a @#$%&%."

“I think that she might be a @#$%&%.”

This was drawn during a severely long meeting, for the Reed “Investment School” settlement. That meeting was in the school cafeteria…and coupled with the time of year, the cafeteria got me thinking about werewolves. One thing led to another, and the were woman above was the result.

I had a discussion with my colleagues about werewolves, and their immunity to harm except by silver weapons. That concept seemed unnecessarily confusing to most of them, as if they couldn’t wrap their heads around the simple, rule based system governing battle with werewolves. If you can’t do supernatural damage, then you need to do some form of continuous damage, like chucking said werewolf into a volcano, or the Sun. You could throw a werewolf at the moon, but then he or she would never turn back into a person…they would always be on the full moon side. If not…they turn back into a person, and suffocate horribly.

This may seem like frivolous talk, but the training went on for some time about how people over 29 are “digital immigrants.” According to the experts in charge, people over 29 are automatically inferior to young people in computer use, regardless of their education or degrees. Young people, according to the people that the district hired, are just better at those things automatically.

That’s not all. A video shown suggested that I should have my students using their cell phones in class, educationally. My favorite part of that video was where the suggestion was made that my students somehow reach out, technologically, to complete strangers, and exchange information with them. You know…a lesson plan based on the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the acceptable use policy for technology in the classroom tells me to do.

To say that the training was not productive is to make a gross understatement.

Still…consider this, instead.

Werewolf “A” is injured, badly, by non-silver weapons.

Werewolf “A” is then mulched.

The ground werewolf beef is then brought to Tub’s Chili House. There, it is cooked into chili and sold, to numerous customers, on a busy day. None of those customers go next door to Comic Bug to buy comics, because the Bug, as it were, is uncool to people that might give them money.

The Werewolf chili is then digested, separately, by that large number of people.

Can the werewolf recover from this injury? Since no silver weapons are used at any time, it seems like they should get better, but the various parts are separated and digested. The werewolf recovery process seems counter intuitive, despite the rule of silver items.

That question was far more engaging than the training, people. Bear that in mind, and think about the silver items in your house.

One thought on “Howl at the Moon.

  1. What would happen to Wolverine in such a scenario? Same sort of thinking, right? Here’s one for you: What if the werewolf were cut exactly in half, and the halves were separated by some great distance? Would each half regenerate into its own werewolf (Weretwin? Wereclone?)? Or would the halves seek to migrate back together? In the case of the ingested were-chili, would the result be were-poo?

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