Halloween ComicFest 2015!

She's not even putting in much effort.

She’s not even putting in much effort.

That’s because it’s easy enough to swat a Bug, even a human sized Comic Bug.

As mentioned yesterday, for Culver City comic venues today, you might try out Pulp Fiction. Located on Sepulveda just south of Culver, the shop is spacious, with a great selection and very, very ‘kid friendly’ on days that aren’t Halloween. Like Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday in May, Halloween ComicFest is a national event that is held at participating comic book stores across the nation that give away specially published comic books free to anyone who comes into participating stores. Last year I went to Pulp Fiction’s venue on Halloween Comic Fest, and that more or less solidified my choice that it was the new clubhouse. This year, I’ll be on site in the protagonist’s gear for the last two days, sugar loaf style helmet and all. My recommendation is that if you need comics, and find yourself looking to do something during the day, beat a path to that door.

Or, if you’re less interested in a good time or friendly atmosphere, you can visit Comic Bug on Overland. I understand that they still have copies of their Retailer Exclusive Variant “Edge of Spider-Verse” cover, and you can buy it for money. More money, in fact, than a copy of the “Edge of Spider-Verse” trade paperback, which has like, five other stories in it too. If overpriced variants are your thing, with a side dish of being ignored at the register, Comic Bug is the venue for you.

Yes, that had vitriol in it. Too many of the former Comics Ink clubhouse members have brought me negative reviews of the experience there for me to NOT take a cheap shot. Especially when there’s a good shop with deep inventory and a solid discount structure literally BLOCKS away. Your dollar is your vote, True Believers…I just think you should be an informed voter.

Let’s move on.

On a school subject, today was perfectly charming. Students wanted to take pictures with me, work got turned in (pretty much…there was a high rate of absence) and generally the mood was very positive. It felt like a normal day in a normal high school, which is very much what I signed up for.

One would think that he'd need brains to be hired, but who knows how a Zombie Economy works?

One would think that he’d need brains to be hired, but who knows how a Zombie Economy works?

After Pulp Fiction, my friend and I are going to a bar in a hotel that was at one point densely populated by Midgets. The goal is to go out an people watch, and in turn be watched. She has a witch costume that she loves, and wears annually…but prefers to be called a Witch, not a Wiccan American. It’s a fantastic costume, and much more dignified than the ensemble depicted above. No miniskirt…hers is a very serious, “Bubble bubble, toil and trouble” kind of affair with very intricate design and stitchwork.

“A knight and a witch go to a bar…” sounds like the beginning of a bad joke that would be told in the Catskills. Still, that’s the Big Plan.

That…and a Sunday Bonus Post!

However you spend your Halloween, Gentle Readers, spend it safely.

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