Ill Met In Zendikar!

That possessed vampire dude just got owned.

That possessed vampire dude just got owned.

Last Friday, I had something great happen.

On a day that was…too busy, in some respects, I had an overbooked lunch. During lunch, the Drama Club was coming by my class to have their weekly meeting. At the start of the year, I was rooked into being the advisor, with no real knowledge of theatre at all. I wasn’t too happy about the meeting, because I had been told the day before that the students wanted to put on a performance of “A Christmas Carol.” Even if I weren’t Jewish…I think the whole Earth is tired of that piece, and I honestly consider it to be one of Dickens’ worst pieces of work. Understandably, with that viewpoint, I wasn’t too keen on the meeting that would be in my room.

Thankfully…I’m not needed, except as the advisor…which just means that I have to be there, on hand, and have a valid teaching credential. Covered.

Instead….a young man from my English class showed up, with his brother, for a Very Important Meeting with me. They had observed me keeping place in my book with a Magic: The Gathering card. Conversation about the game ensued…and we elected to play each other, at lunch. This was, in fact, the Very Important Meeting.

We didn’t even get past five ‘draw” phases, because we kept getting interrupted. Despite that…it was serious Quality Time, and we elected to meet again, when there were less distractions to be had. The boys told me a bit about the “Battle for Zendikar” set, which is the current Magic: The Gathering set. Having nothing to do on Saturday afternoon, I got some cards, so that I’d have some more cards at work, to play them with. and, of course, if any of the friends they had from class that heard our talk wanted to play.

That’s where the mean looking vampire thrall getting completely housed by the protagonist came from. He was a cool looking fantasy setting dude on one of the new cards…and being as I’ll probably be playing cards with these fine young intellectuals at lunch, it seemed appropriate to start the week with. Plus…the strip hasn’t had that much action last week…it seemed like an undead warrior getting worked was called for.

In retrospect, I would have been a much better advisor for say…a gaming club. Sadly, no one was starting one of those, and fiendishly looking about for a faculty advisor.

That being said…I most probably have an Important Meeting today at lunch. the World of Zendikar better brace for it.


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