No, YOU Walk the Plank, Bro!

Old School Adventure.

Old School Adventure.

This was a @#$% and a half to draw. I love the way it came out, and have been debating a color treatment of it the whole time I was drawing it. Honestly, the idea of going back over it in ink, and then color, is mildly daunting, so I’m not sure that will happen. Still, I have the week off, so it might.

I’m going to the fencing club tonight, which is part of the content’s inspiration. It’s part of the reason that the protagonist is going pretty old school with the Tatooine setting and the retro lightsabre…sort of a return to roots, a return to good things. This weekend, I picked up a reprint of Marvel’s “Return of the Jedi” comic from the 80’s, which has beautiful art by Al Williamson, and a cover to die for by Bill Sienkiewicz (pronounced Sin-Kev-itch). If you are not a fan of Bill Sienkiewicz, google him…and you will be. His art is beyond great.

So yes, picking up that retro reprint greatness informed this artwork as well. I remember reading that in oversized mass market magazine format when I was young, and it was even reprinted in a comparable size. Hard to start a vacation off better than such fondly remembered things…even if “Return of the Jedi” was my least favorite of the proper trilogy. The fact is, with all that came afterward, it is surprisingly Not Bad.

Another thing that informed the art is just how much I ran the table at X-wing Miniatures yesterday. Okay…that’s overstating matters. Still, my clunky old droids and beat up, retro spaceships did a hell of a job on these nouveau “First Order” TIE fighters and BB-* carrying, Jedi pilot having ships. Good ol’ Alien American grit and a teaspoon of mean spirited strategy are a decent balancing factor for that.

We also have a Mandalorian drawing a bead on her because, A) Boba Fett, and B) our hero has some history with Mandalorian mercenaries, on her side, and not so much. invariably, they look cool, even if they need to be conveniently thrown into the Sarlacc to be slowly digested.

Seriously…there’s not much to post about besides all of that…that’s the way vacation posts go. I’m looking forward to fencing tonight, and to drawing tomorrow’s content. That’s about all there is to it, True Believers.

I hope your day is as good.

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