Beef Chow MINE.

It was Beef Chow Fun, by the way.  You don't let Ice Golems take your Beef Chow Fun.

It was Beef Chow Fun, by the way. You don’t let Ice Golems take your Beef Chow Fun.

Seriously…I love cold Chinese Food. The Breakfast of Champions, I tell you. It may be a Fortress of Togetherness, but I pity the fool that wants to send an Ice Golem to take my leftover Chinese food. That’s just Not Right, True Believers.

In a tangentially related point, in education, you wind up hearing the phrase “sharing is caring” a whole lot. It’s annoying as all @#$%, because first of all…sharing isn’t caring. If I share my really angry opinions about a PD with admin, the general consensus of anyone around is that I DON’T care. If I share a knuckle sandwich, that’s a kind of anti-care. Sharing is sharing, that’s all. I decided to look up the origin of the phrase, and it turns out that it is the registered trademark of the Salvation Army, and has been since 1950. Don’t believe me? Click here.

So now, I’m going to remind everyone that says that in my vicinity that they need a little “TM” after it. I think that should be equally annoying as the use of the phrase itself, which is usually to grub something from me, like my precious leftover Chinese food. I’ll be sitting around with something like potstickers, and some Tool will come over and say, “Oh, yum! you know, sharing is caring.”

Get your OWN potstickers, you Grubbers. Bring that grubbing to my Fortress of Togetherness…

That aside, this post is pretty on point with the reality of being on vacation. I’m able to draw at a leisurely pace, and stay on time for posting, with no stress, while enjoying tons of leftover Beef Chow Fun. periodically I check on the neighbor’s cat, because i like cats, and she asked me to do so. The cat is @#$% HUGE. Seriously, I’ve never seen a cat that big…it’s incredible.

It’s nice to have such low levels of stress. Tomorrow, I’ll be printing out some of the stuff for my final grade book, a full five weeks before it is all due to administration. that’s an impressive lead time on that, and more importantly, an unprecedented lead time for me. at this rate, the whole thing will be ready to go considerably before the actual due date, which is pretty excellent. It’s not like I don’t have the time to hit “print,” and put some pages in order.

For the strip, vacations are often good. they often produce new content, seemingly random, stream of consciousness style stuff off the beaten path. Just whatever I’m thinking of becomes grist for the content, often reinterpreted in offbeat ways. That’s what happened here, and I rather like it.

In fact, I’m pretty fond of both yesterday’s art and today’s. I should be on vacation more often…not having a day job helps the process.



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