Hunt the New Knight.

Back to the Edu-Mountain...old school style.

Back to the Edu-Mountain…old school style.

This post is both brief, and tightly related to two basic topics. The first is very, very simple…this morning, I return to school for the final three week push before the semester ends, and Winter Break begins. There is a fair amount of paperwork attached, and it is very much the time that t’s need to be crossed, and i’s need to be dotted. The semester grade is attached to the credits for graduation, and a fail on that report card matters to a large degree.

This increased level of importance is very much NOT lost on me, as we enter this final grading period. It puts a serious responsibility for grades on me, which I take with the gravity that it requires.

There’s a second issue at the inspiration for this art. There’s no Flying Robot Pony, and there is a direct reference to the fierce independence of Frank Miller’s Batman. There is a very high probability that today I will be walking into a school that in many ways reflects mainstream America at this time of year…that is to say, a highly Christmas intensive environment. In that kind of environment…I need to stay close to my own fiercely independent values, but more importantly, not take the bait as it were.

It is all too easy to get angry, to put on a show of not having Christmas shoved down one’s proverbial throat. It’s another, probably smarter step to stay ahead of it…to avoid it, to dodge the interactions that are problematic. That’s my goal for the next three weeks, although given the school and staff demographics, it may be harder than I think. The fact of the matter is that I am in a place that doesn’t understand that people might not celebrate Christmas. It’s just the nature of the place.

That makes sort of a tightrope here. My plan is twofold…firstly, get the remainder of my job done, and do it well. That means to allow the maximum number of students the opportunity to fairly pass the course. Involved in that are the things I was actually hired for…teaching, providing opportunities to make up work, and communication with the home. The second part of the plan…that’s harder.

That involves avoiding overt Christmas…since that isn’t my thing at all, culturally. Avoiding it while keeping my big mouth shut, because one might suggest that it was the Battle over Christmas that set things south between myself, Darth, and Pledge LA. Oddly, in today’s Social Justice Environment…I didn’t wind up Objectively Right, in a way that was more confusing to me than I am ready to admit. It wound up being the one part that in the end, I didn’t let go of, even in my final talk with Pledge LA’s leader. She talked it down, like it wasn’t a big deal at all, making it all that much easier to leave.

Still…I don’t need that battle in my life again. The goal here, for part two is to do my level best to keep my mouth shut, and simply not do things that seem to be at cross purposes with the Constitution and the Contract. That means not going to Christmas parties, on the clock, or off of it. Avoiding gift exchanges, and more importantly, avoiding the explanation I want to give about Chanukhah not being “Jewish Christmas.”

Considering that one of our staff members came to Halloween dressed as Jesus, non-ironically, I might have my work cut out for me.

I’m thinking that I can hunker down, and work on grades. That seems like an easy thing to do, for three weeks. If there’s no bounty out on making Jews see the light for Christmas, I should be okay.


2 thoughts on “Hunt the New Knight.

    • Thank you. The post has gotten a whole lot of hits, and as well, a whole lot of positive feedback. I like it a whole lot. I was looking for the kind of feel that the old Walter Farley Black Stallion books had, back when I was a little kid. The idea of the horses being really in motion, and for that, you need a perspective that suggests motion. Really time consuming, but with a good result.

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