I Say Thee…Huh?

Cyborg Asgardians...now with less seasonally driven @#$%ing.

Cyborg Asgardians…now with less seasonally driven @#$%ing.

So, after school yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with my “team” of teachers. It wasn’t bad per se…I just had about three other things that I was supposed to be doing at exactly the same time. one of those things was attempting to dismiss my period six class, which has gained a tendency to linger…for no good reason. That delayed me in getting upstairs to consult with an Algebra teacher, on behalf of a student in my homeroom who is worried that she might fail Algebra 2. That, in turn, delayed me in directing the Drama Club where they should go, which in turn, made me late for a meeting.

A meeting of little real consequence or importance, to be sure. What is very interesting about the above list of items is that they are very Normal school problems. The level of Normal is something that I haven’t previously experienced in schools, especially within the last two years. You’ll note that there were no fights on that list, no security lockdowns, a complete absence of corrupt or incompetent administrators, and nothing that you wouldn’t expect on a busy school day. That factoid, that I’m now functioning in a far more Normal environment, is pretty comforting.

The meeting itself was more of a “check in.” Discussion of where we were in the lesson plans, student progress toward various standards…again, the kinds of things that you would think teachers spoke about. If it weren’t happening too often, it would be very, very pleasant.

That’s the thing, though. Today I have literally hours of meetings after school as well. The first meeting is in our “content areas” meaning for me, the English Department. I can’t really see what needs to be said in a gross sense for an hour and a half, that wasn’t covered in more detail in yesterday’s Tenth Grade meeting…but then again, I am neither the Chair, nor an Administrator. After that, we have to divide into our WASC subcommittees, to discuss and appraise the school’s progress according to that WASC Accreditation process. Although that is pretty important, I doubt it will be thrilling or have the sense of urgency as the kinds of conferences that happen under the hurried conditions of a Code 1000 security lockdown, or a contentious School Site Council Meeting with a Rogue Darth.

Still…I drew this art late on Sunday. I was expecting to walk into school to what I have typically experienced in South Central LA…the entire decor of the school reorganized around the very overt celebration of Christmas. Heck, in yesterday’s post I was talking about bracing for it, about making major attempts to Keep My Big Mouth Shut. That’s what this art presumed, that the meetings would have an air of, “Hey…you’re on board with all this non-educational stuff, right?” Color me dumbfounded with the way things have actually gone.

There have been exactly NO decorations of any kind. No Christmas trees in the hallways, no school spirit or student work replaced with Holiday Displays. No tree in the main office. A complete lack of wreaths, poinsettias, even snowmen. Instead, it was like any other day of school…in fact, with a greater focus on school, given the ending of the semester. The displays were still set up in the garish but distinctive orange and gray of the official colors, and student activities were the center of both announcements and decor. It was exactly what school is supposed to be like, which was the biggest surprise of all.

I actually firmly expected to have awkward conversations as well…which didn’t exist. The art was about that…the idea that an Asgardian Cyborg would be as useful as our own protagonist, with various generic super powers, but none of the @#$%#ing about the season. I was pretty sure, when drawing it, that this would be the time of year when people decided, as they often do, that sure, they had an educational heavy hitter on hand…but maybe, just maybe, they needed one that was more..pliable. Or at least more like them.

As a side note about Panel One…I was envisioning the kind of fancy techno-buildings that would be inside the Edu-Mountain’s protective wall…and rather like the building presented, as well as the internal skyline. It was a bit of a hassle. The top of the building didn’t work in the frame, but we will probably see it later on…kind of a huge Sciencey Greek Helmet.

Anyway…to this moment, there have been no discussions of any kind that suggest even the need for an Asgardian Cyborg Pinch Hitter. Even if there is another shoe to drop, possibly a shoe hurled from the North Pole…this reprieve of a day or two is pretty excellent.


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