Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

It is way harder to draw an environment made of Ice Cream Cones than you think.

It is way harder to draw an environment made of Ice Cream Cones than you think.

I fully expected to have more content related to the holiday season at this point. However, I find myself in a mercifully Holiday Free Zone at the Edu-Mountain…meaning that this week had sort of a stutter in terms of content. Given the “process” as it were…I need things to happen around me in order to generate art…and to be honest, I had been somewhat counting on Christmas Time Shenaningans for a decent amount of this week’s work.

Still…there is an opportunity for some seasonal commentary. The sudden drop in temperature has made the weather the single most interesting topic of students and staff members alike. Not being a native Californian, I honestly don’t even find the weather all that cold…but there is simply no expressing that opinion out loud. My favorite commentators are the students who wore a heavy hoodie sweater with the hood up for much of the sweltering months of August and September, complaining about the heat….and now wear a t-shirt and complain about the cold. There are a small population who do that, and I imagine that their clothing choices are powered by some form of internal contrariness that I fail to fully comprehend.

I don’t know about Zebra Pony (who has been accompanying me daily to work) but I just don’t find it all that cold. That was at the core of the artwork…this now daily discussion of temperature, which really gets pretty uninteresting after the first few time you hear it. Drawing this was tough…a setting made out of ice cream and Ice Cream Cones is not as easy to render as you might think, as i mentioned in the caption. It also made me wonder if a Noodle Cape would really help keep you warm or not. These were the thoughts in mind.

Still…not much conflict driving the strip at this point. Not that this is a bad thing…it strongly suggests that things are going well.

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