Prisoners of the Powerpoint Tree!

Those unevolved Edu-Knights look like they are having a bad day.

Those unevolved Edu-Knights look like they are having a bad day.

Today, after school, I have another two and a half hours of Reed Settlement driven “Investment School” training. These trainings are provided by an outside vendor, and I’ve mentioned before that they lack any real content, having been agreed to primarily by the Union and the District’s lawyers. At a time of year when I would much rather take after school hours to grade papers, or work on making sure my grade book is completely ready to go…this could not seem like a greater problem to me.

While thinking about it, and preparing content, I got in the mind of the actual point of the training…in terms of what it is supposed to be providing, not what it actually does. The purpose is to be a sort of “highly specialized training” for the area, which makes the teachers there indispensable as a result, because of the Inner city specific expertise that they walk away with. Once that’s done, teachers who have had the training, that are near the beginning of their careers, can’t be laid off in reverse order of seniority…they need to be skipped in that layoff order, for their “expertise.”

That’s part of what the art is about. Where at my old school, we had a mess of clone like people from the same programs, which were viewed as pretty much replaceable assets, here there is much more of an idea of “cultivating” a good teacher. In the context of the Edu-Mountain setting, that would be some sort of “Island of Dr. Moreau” super evolution…which is why you have the strange cave people in that Edu-Dome. They aren’t yet evolved into Edu-Knights of some kind…and as a result, they are trapped in that dome with that weird mechanical Powerpoint Tree. They have to be, in order to ensure a spot at the Techno-Table.

Why are Zebra Pony and the protagonist riding a giant T. Rex? Because I was discussing the “Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl” book on Sunday morning, and felt like drawing a crazy, Kirby style Dinosaur. No feathers here True Believers…I keep my dinosaurs Old School. Arguably, the protagonist could actually punch way harder than that T. Rex can kick at a full run…but slamming a Dinosaur into a piece of glass sends a clear message about your opinion on something. It’s about tone.

You really have to be frustrated to slam a giant dinosaur into a glass dome. You have to be bored to the point of going out of your way to do something pretty abstract, which I imagine is how I will feel after about the first hour of today’s seemingly Eternal meetings.

On top of that…a second week of Group Work will be happening, perhaps because I am a glutton for punishment. Surprisingly, last week’s projects turned out pretty well…I didn’t think they really would. I’d argue that the quality of the work is the true reason for doing a second week of collaborative projects, but honestly, I can’t back that up.

I’ll stick with “glutton for punishment”…especially because I have five hours of this investment school training to do this week.


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