Invest In Good Boots…

That's just rough.  I mean...she's strong enough to throw things into SPACE.

That’s just rough. I mean…she’s strong enough to throw things into SPACE.

See how Zebra Pony seems pleased? That’s because with that one kick, the “Investment School” trainings for the semester seem to be done. They haven’t been all that worthwhile or informative, either…Mr. Z has been pretty angry about having to attend them with me. I actually drew this during the training, which sent a pretty solid message to the presenter about my emotional state regarding the whole thing. I mean…even if you don’t get the heavy handed metaphor…it’s a superhero kicking a dude really hard in the junk. It sends a message, “sets a tone” if you will…

Yesterday’s training…where this was pencilled, was about different kinds of student assessments. The key basic types discussed were formative and summative assessments, which are pretty much the two basic forms of assessing student learning. Formative is during the process, so that you can address student needs and obstacles, summative is at the end of a unit, to determine mastery. The thing is…every person in the training has to have been to a credentialing program, and taken at least one college level course on precisely that topic. Makes it pretty much redundant, assuming that teacher credential programs have some kind of value.

Two and a half hours on a topic that you pretty much have to be familiar with to be a teacher. For that matter…it is the end of the first semester. If a teacher didn’t know these things about assessment, how were they grading student performance and designing instruction for the last several months? It seems like this should have been one of the earlier training sessions, at the very least. That is, if you were designing the sessions in a way that was smart.

Even with two and a half hours looming ahead of me at the end of the day today, the knowledge that I’ll be able to metaphorically kick this stuff to the curb for a while is heartening. I have enough paper and pencil lead to make it through a two and a half hour session, easily. Regardless of the topic.


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