She’s Cold as Ice.

Sometimes Princesses disagree in the Fortress of Togetherness.

Sometimes Princesses disagree in the Fortress of Togetherness.

In contrast to yesterday’s pretty “heavy” post, I have a pretty light hearted one. Attendance was reduced, to be sure, but not as greatly across the board as I believed it might be. That was a pretty good thing. Of course, students had questions about the event, and obviously I had answers….I pretty much posted a book report about our district’s “Bomb Day.”

The most common question I got all day, however, had nothing to do with the cancelled day of school, and everything to do with the post’s artwork. I wore my usual short sleeves, slacks, and light vest, with a scarf around my neck as sort of a quiet nod to the change in seasons. As a result, most students wanted to inquire with me, at some length, as to how I was not cold. That led to my thinking about Elsa, the character from “Frozen”, which in turn led to the piece above.

It was far harder to draw than you might think. It’s intentionally in the style of Amy Mebberson, an artist that I simply adore, who has an upcoming book called “Disney Princess.” Her line work is bold but simple, and she gets a massive amount of effect and expression from a small number of lines, and strong command of form and composition. I’m a huge fan of hers, and since I’ve been experimental all week, I decided to attempt to emulate her style.

I was also amazed at the resilience of young people. Sure…they were interested in what happened on Tuesday to close school, and had questions. They were equally interested in me not being cold, why it gets cold in the first place, and the science behind season changes. All in all, at times adults in education underestimate students and how their inherent social nature and curiosity provide a sort of emotional “trauma” of events like a school closure. Most of them accepted that all was well pretty simply, and were only too happy to be concerned about grades and the weather.

This also marks the second time we have seen a mermaid in a fishbowl recently…the last time was in a post a few weeks past, where an angry mermaid in a jet assisted fishbowl did battle with the protagonist. That’s for anyone who keeps track of those kinds of things. I just think the image of Ariel living in a fishbowl is inherently funny.

Today is the second to last day of the semester, and pretty much the day that I will finish the mountain of paperwork. There wasn’t really anything fun to draw about that…so I went with this comment about the weather. For every time that an adult, as well as a student said to me, “You’re really not cold?”…it seemed like something to comment on.


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