No Escape From Castle Kirby!

Ultimately, an experiment in perspective.

Ultimately, an experiment in perspective.

Yesterday was the last day of my first semester at a High School. All told, everything went very smoothly…there was a last minute grade modification, in an upward direction, and that was the sole “crisis” of the day. Attendance was greatly diminished, each class having about fifty percent of its usual student load. A huge number of students travel out of the country to see relatives, in Mexico and El Salvador, even Honduras, so in many cases that travel starts early. The students who did come to school were pretty subdued, mostly interested in saying goodbye to their friends for three or four weeks of vacation.

I said my usual stern but fond sentiments to my classes, and they all smiled back at me, understanding clearly that I like them, but in my way…which is very different from theirs. I took a series of photos with my A students, which was fun. They generally understood that I am proud of them, as a unit, and look forward to tormenting them with more literature and essays next semester.

At lunch, I played “Magic The Gathering” with a pair of students. Our second game ran long, into my period six class, and the students came in politely. I’ve never played a game watched so intently by anyone, and the group of about twenty two students was silent as they observed the endgame unfolding. It was a unique experience, and satisfying to have something in common, like gaming, with my students.

At the end of that class…a hugely intelligent student pulled me aside. This young gentleman hadn’t done much academic work over the semester, due to issues outside the classroom. A few weeks ago…we had a real “meeting of the minds” and set ourselves to passing both my class and history. Along the way, with all that time spent, a meaningful teacher student relationship precipitated. This young man said, holding a small package, “I know you don’t do Christmas…but I got you something.”

It was a huge moment. I took the box, and explained that I was honored, and we said our goodbyes for a few weeks.

When I opened the box, there was a Captain America watch inside. It was heartwarming, and also the reason that I felt an old school team up cover was in order for today. Hence the “No Escape from Castle Kirby!” issue above. The three point perspective giving the idea of height was a @#$%ing chore, but came out great. Being vacation, the protagonist is not wearing her full on “Edu-Mountain” suit, for those in mind of continuity. I like the two bad guys…some kind of huge ubermensch wearing a wrestling belt and serf’s cap, and a neanderthal witch of some kind. The kind of messed up enemies I’d expect to find in Castle Kirby.

Without old school Marvel trade dress.

Without old school Marvel trade dress.

Obviously, it’s “Castle Kirby” for two reasons. One…Jack Kirby is one of the creators of Captain America. Two, the whole thing is done in a Kirbyesque style, which is much harder than it looks. A great way to start my vacation, while wearing my new watch.



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