Team Up Week: Star Wars…The Team Up Awakens!

Much like the film, Luke Skywalker is barely in it.

Much like the film, Luke Skywalker is barely in it.

This will be pretty much spoiler free, since I can’t stand being a spoiler. That being said, with the biggest opening weekend in the history of films, I think that I was one of the few people in the world who waited until yesterday to see it. The theater I was in was pretty full, for 1:40 PM on a Monday afternoon, when most people should be at work.

All in all, it was a pretty good film. The sort of film that you expect from a Star Wars film…maybe, upon reflection, a bit too much of that. The plot is basically the plot of “Star Wars” (I refuse to call it “A New Hope”) in that all of the broad strokes are present. Vital data in a droid that everyone is looking for, a father figure that makes a sacrifice, a Dark Lord who is part of the family, and a reactor that you need to hit in order to stop a Big Problem. It’s all there, but in a way that is a bit fresh, and that really moves along at a pace that keeps you entertained.

The rolly-bot, BB-8, is painfully adorable. Now that I’ve seen the movie, and made a ruling of “good”, I’m fairly certain I’ll be heading to Target to seek out a remote controlled rolly-bot of my own. Possibly today.

On Sunday evening, a good friend and I had a talk about “Force Awakens”…both of us not having seen it. All weekend long, we had the experience of people asking us, “did you see it yet?” When we answered “no,” universally the response was “I’m really disappointed…I expected you to be one of the first to see it.” We were both pretty annoyed with this. Somehow, being a fan means that we are obligated to see the thing as soon as humanly possible? Also…both of us had to avoid a huge amount of basic modern telecommunications and social media, in a dogged attempt to avoid spoilers.

That’s partly why the post is so vague, and about the idea that I liked it. It wasn’t fantastic, life changing….it wasn’t the massive sea change in film that 1977 gave us. It was a likable movie. The art, intentionally, is more of a cover/poster piece, only depicting some of the cast, and only doing things that the trailer showed. Our hero is in it, because it’s a team up…although to be fair, it is not her first rodeo with the Force and the Dark Side, being an Alien American. There have been more than a few plotlines which either incorporated Star Wars elements, or straight up were a Star Wars gag. I think that speaks volumes to the influence of the initial film….which this film, much like posts I’ve done in the past, highly references. It makes “call backs” to all of the things that I loved from the film in ’77, touches all the right places.

Without Marvel Two-In-One trade dress from the 70's and 80's.

Without Marvel Two-In-One trade dress from the 70’s and 80’s.

Also, artistically I’m finally ahead by about a day again…for the first time in a little while. Being on a “same day” schedule is great, because I can be ‘topical’ if I feel like it…but it is #$%@ because it can be stressful. I’d be further ahead if I didn’t do a Sunday Bonus Post, and also if I hadn’t done really complex pieced for the past three days, with two of them having digitally added trade dress later. All of that piles up.

In this case, it was worth it. This is another thing that I’m considering a color version of…but I’d rather be more than a day ahead before I do that.

Tomorrow…Team-Up Week Continues!


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