Team Up Week: Where No Team Up Has Gone Before!

This was a chore, but satisfying.

This was a chore, but satisfying.

You’ll note that despite using the trade dress for IDW’s “Star Trek/Green Lantern” crossover, there is not a Green Lantern to be seen on the cover. That’s because the crossover wasn’t very good…and Green Lantern’s own comic book is currently unreadably bad.

Still…at this point, Team Up Week has had a fairly even Marvel/DC split, which motivated me to do a team up with something like Star Wars, which is it’s own thing…despite being currently published by Marvel. Star Trek, being a license outside of comics, has had a number of publishing agreements, having put it at numerous companies.

The amount that I ostensibly love Star Trek is hard to easily quantify. Despite that, it’s also pretty amazing how often I’m disappointed by it. I have a number of movies that I think are fantastic, and the 79 original episodes which occupy a kind of sci-fi “good place” which is hard to share. That being said…the volume of Star Trek material that exists outside of that amount is huge…also very hard to quantify. It simply dwarfs the part of the phenomena that I actually love.

There’s not a whole lot to comment on here. I liked the first of the “rebooted” Star Trek films…and not so much the second. I just saw the trailer for the third, and it looked okay. Still…a trailer is like three minutes of footage…you should be able to make it look good. I will admit to having hope for its overall goodness.

As a result, I decided to draw the Team Up we have here…with the new cast depicted. The idea of rolling out, with the Enterprise, to go punch some Romulans, or pick a fight with some Klingons…before those factions were made “complex” and thus not automatic Bad Guys that represented Communism. Classic Trek is very much of a simpler time.

Without trade dress and logos.

Without trade dress and logos.

No big book report or commentary here…just things that I like. Tune in tomorrow for the final day of Team Up Week, in a bonus post!

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