Team Up Week Bonus Post: Spaceknights and Inhumanoids!

The final team up of Team Up Week!

The final team up of Team Up Week!

This mostly came about from my love of the Rom: Spaceknight series back in the seventies and eighties. Marvel created everything about the Spaceknights except Rom, which was a nightmare of legal hassle. At this point, IDW has the rights to Rom, but the entire rest of the mythos is owned by Marvel.

I always liked Starshine….who has that big diamond shaped head. She can fly, is a metal cyborg (being a Spaceknight), so super strong and durable…and she has eye lasers powered by stars, hence her name. What’s not to like, huh? In the absence of Rom, Marvel just never put together these lesser used characters that they created whole cloth, for a licensing agreement.

Take the guy being pulled underground by the giant monster hand. That’s Torpedo, an Iron Man suit wearing guy made specifically for the Rom series. What’s his latest? Hi suit was in the background of the mansion scene in “Big Hero Six.” Don’t take my word for it, Google it. See?

Granted, Torpedo isn’t that great a super hero, and someone else has his suit now. Still…there’s untapped material just laying about, unused while comics recycle the same ideas over and over. In fact, one of those ideas, the Inhumans, was a very original concept that has been almost “downgraded” into a replacement for the X-Men’s “mutant” minority. What was previously a Genocratic Utopian society in the Himalayas is now a spontaneous, unpredicatble genetic change that makes you an “outsider.” The reasons for that are simple…the “mutants” aren’t usable in film, so you need something that is.

This of course, leads to rights issues. Marvel has put in a trademark on the Inhumans, which recently led them to challenge the trademark on the Inhumanoids.

Wait, what?

Yeah…you have to be a pretty hardcore geek to get that one.

Marvel Entertainment are challenging Brian M. Flynn for his attempt to register a trademark for his Inhumanoids action figures and toy figures, based on the toy and cartoon line from the eighties. Weirdly, Marvel was involved with that cartoon, but their current interest is in its similarity to the Inhumans trademark. Still…Inhumanoids tells the story of the scientist-hero group, Earth Corps, as they battle a trio of subterranean monsters called the Inhumanoids with the aid of elemental beings, the Mutores. There’s not a whole lot of common ground there. I’m not a lawyer though, so I am no expert on these kinds of rights battles. At all.

However, it seemed past due for a giant underground monster attack…so the Inhumanoids, or at least one of their giant claws, make an appearance.

No logos or Marvel trade dress.

No logos or Marvel trade dress.

And with that….team up week is over.

I have a bunch of drawing to do…we are coming up on the fifth anniversary issue, True Believers!

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