Watching You…! Watching Your Every Move…

Much harder to create than you'd think.

Much harder to create than you’d think.

Over the past week, there haven’t been any ponies in the strip. Mostly because of two important factors…one, it was Team Up Week, and the protagonist already had to have numerous characters jammed onto covers with her. Two..the ponies often are a direct representation of my motivation to go to work…and I have been off, with no obligations. So, together with Team Up Week, the ponies were able to have a much needed rest.

Except that a whole lot of readers noticed. I got numerous contacts asking “what happened to the ponies?” or if the ponies had somehow been dumped from the strip’s content. I answered each of them individually, bewildered. Partially because the number of followers just isn’t that high, compared to the number of hits per day…so I really didn’t have any perception of people keeping track of “plot” or “continuity.”

This post, of course, answers that question. Even when the ponies aren’t in the strip, they are there. And Pinkie Pie, SPECIFICALLY, is watching YOU. ALWAYS.

See?  Always.

See? Always.

One of the readers specifically likes Pony (the pony with the Tuning Fork Tiara) because Pony is always so angry. Rarely is Pony in the panel without looking sidelong at something or someone, with real distrust. Pinkie Pie was a challenge, even as expressive as ponies can be, because with the small amount of linework, I wanted that stern “Ministry of Watching” kind of expression.

Everywhere.  Constantly.

Everywhere. Constantly.

So, hopefully this pony intensive post should put all minds at ease, that the diverse cast of ponies at the Fortress of Togetherness is still in fact, in the strip. I’m actually kind of glad to have needed to comment, because the vacation content has been slow in coming. The fact is…without meetings and deadlines and so forth, there’s not that much to be sarcastic about….and the comic book industry really hasn’t been pulling it’s weight in helping me with content to comment on.

Just so we are clear....watching YOU.  Through the monitor, True Believers.

Just so we are clear….watching YOU. Through the monitor, True Believers.

The process to make the lead image was in fact, mostly digital…which I dislike doing. The original image of Pinkie Pie was pencil, then inked with black marker, followed by an intensive digital treatment. Thankfully, the final product was of quality to bear this stamp:

Okey Dokey, indeed.

Okey Dokey, indeed.

With that, and a much needed splash of color to the strip for a day at least, I’m off to the drawing board to make more content. It’s a big week, coming up.

Next Issue: The Droids You Are Looking For!


2 thoughts on “Watching You…! Watching Your Every Move…

    • Yeah…that happened because after the initial posting, I didn’t like the stamp. I went in and made a few edits, renaming the file…creating the “broken image” link in the e-mail version. So few readers actually get the e-mail version, that the problem happens, but is infrequent.

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