The Droids You ARE Looking For…

It is far harder to draw anime/manga style than you think.

It is far harder to draw anime/manga style than you think.

In 1977, “Star Wars” came out, which was a film that blew everyone’s minds. So much so, that releasing a film with fundamentally the same plot, thirty years later, did so once again. Being very fair, I enjoyed the current film myself, for precisely that reasons.

However…in an attempt to capitalize on “Star Wars”, Sandy Frank Entertainment released an American adaptation of the Japanese anime series “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.” For many Westerners, it was their first exposure to anime, and it was equally as mind blowing as Star Wars, with many of the same elements. Spaceships, lasers, massive battles with aliens, gifted youngsters and adorable robots. The whole deal.

Hence, the mashup of styles above. A very prissy looking See-Threepio, and a more “party flavored” Artoo-Detoo. I really felt that the traditional droids were eclipsed by BB-8 in the movie, and went with a make-over option. Not that BB-8, the rolly-bot wasn’t adorable…it’s just that these two robots, for like 30 tears, have been emblematic of the franchise. In “Star Wars,” the entire point of the film in fact, is either finding Artoo-Detoo, or transporting the droid from one place or person to another. It’s the plot, at its core.

Part of the reason I say that “Force Awakens” is very much the same film. There’s a droid, with data in it, that everyone is looking for. That droid needs to be delivered to the right people, so that the climactic reveal and/or conflict can happen. Pretty much the same thing…although, once again, not a Bad Thing.

Granted, in 1977, they couldn't have Googled it.

Granted, in 1977, they couldn’t have Googled it.

Even without Google, though, it seems like the Empire used the worst of all possible methods to find the droids. I mean…sending an army of total lackwits down to a sparsely populated planet to just “ask around”…it’s not really a plan at all. It’s more like hoping that you kind of stumble onto the solution to your problem by casting a massively wide net. No scanning is done, no Probe Droids that can detect a hidden base in the ice…just a bunch of pretty ineffective lackeys.

If you did better hiring, Darth, an old man couldn't just tell them what to do.

If you did better hiring, Darth, an old man couldn’t just tell them what to do.

I have a lot to question, as an English teacher, about Obi-Wan’s move here, though. First off…ending a sentence with a preposition? Really? “These aren’t the droids, sir.” More respectful, shorter, and no glaring grammatical issues. For that matter…NO ONE is looking for See-Threepio. No one has EVER been looking for See-Threepio…even though he speaks literally millions of languages…he has no useful data. Obi-Wan knows this. So really, it should have been “This isn’t the droid, sir.” Singular, not plural.

Not only do Obi-Wan’s failures as an educator menace the universe for twenty years or so…but he seems to have single handedly paved the way for people in the modern world to end their sentences with the word “at” with impunity. That single damaging act to the English language might be more reprehensible than a lot of the things attributed to the Emperor….it would definitely make See-Threepio, a droid specifically concerned with language, throw up if he could.

That's more like it, Ben.

That’s more like it, Ben.

Sadly, even I’m not on a mission to find those two droids anymore. I’ve gone out a few times to find my own rolly-bot, but passed on Detoos and Threepios. Granted, the Threepio animatronic they offer is way expensive and NOT a prissy robot butler….but the Detoo would be a fine replacement for my own malfunctioning Artoo unit. Still, none of these older droids have found a home at my place. Maybe that’s because I already have a perfectly good Artoo, maybe not. Maybe it’s just that they aren’t as interesting right now as rolly bots.

Again…part of what made me want to do today’s mashup art. If it sees the marker treatment, then the image will definitely be used for R2-D2 and C-3P0 “proxy cards” for when I play X-Wing. Not like it won’t be a HUGE digital chore to make those proxy cards that look like actual X-Wing cards…oh no. Not at all.

It’s probably the best way to let the old droids know that they still have friends, though.

Oh, and incidentally…Artoo and Threepio are “just friends.”


2 thoughts on “The Droids You ARE Looking For…

  1. Okay, time to roll out my dangling preposition joke: A Harvard graduate and a cowboy are having a drink at a bar. The cowboy asks, “So, where you from?” The Harvard graduate answers, “I am from a placed where we do not end our sentences in prepositions,” to which the cowboy replies, “So, where you from, *ss*%le?”

  2. And now for my dangling preposition joke: A cowboy and a Harvard grad meet in a bar. The cowboy says, “Howdy. Where you from?” The Harvard grad answers, “I’m from a place where we don’t end our sentences in prepositions,” to which the cowboy responds, “So, where you from, *$s*•le?”

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