Fragile: Handle With Care!

Pretty much non fiction.

Pretty much non fiction.

Today, on the last day of the year, I will be helping dear friends move. It is a long awaited move, that they are very excited about, and so am I. At the end of it…which is today, we will be neighbors. Just a short walk to each others’ houses. That’s very cool, but more importantly, it’s a major upgrade to a fantastic place for my friends…so if it were in Long Beach, it would still be cool.

They are in fact, renting a truck for the big furniture pieces. It will most likely not be the kind of eighteen wheel rig depicted above, however…that would be excessive. Not to say that it wouldn’t be cool…it would just be excessive. Although, “excessive” and “cool” are often synonyms, so perhaps when I arrive, a giant Optimus Prime style truck will be parked outside. One can hope.

Even if an eighteen wheel truck is on hand though…no one, exactly NO ONE will let me drive it. Years ago I famously had a job driving a giant truck filled with balloon sculptures….no joke. My ability to pilot that vehicle around West Los Angeles was suspect at best….downright dangerous at worst. To this day, I don’t understand why the balloons were inflated and put together into complex, massive forms at the store, and then put in the necessarily giant truck. Instead…we could have had a van…and assembled the balloon sculptures on site. A van would have been much easier to move around than the giant truck.

We did not have a van. Only a giant truck.

I once said, famously in my social circles, that I could drive ANY vehicle that could be driven. I stand by this, despite the fact that the truck proved a Daily Nemesis. At no point did I say that I could drive anything WELL….just drive it. Granted, it was implied that I meant “drive well,” but as I get older, I’m willing to settle on the lower standard.

I have been promised a general minimum of “heavy lifting.” That being said, I could use the exercise…the vacation has been pretty sedate. I’ve cleared the time to spend helping get everything in order, and am looking forward to it. I’ll bring along my clipboard, of course, to draw when not moving stuff around. Moving is often a matter of waiting for the next truckload to arrive. Considering that there is a pretty big apartment to fill, there will probably be more than one “haul.”

After that, it’s off to a Fancy Dinner. Beverly Hills Steakhouse Fancy Dinner, which is always a bit intimidating. Still…it’s a pretty good way to close out the year. The year has been…challenging, to say the least. From the change of schools and grade levels, and other basic lifestyle changes that were related…to a major injury, plus recovery…the loss of more than one friend to the Grim Reaper…there’s been a whole lot. I was filing some of Adequacy’s original art just the other day, and amazed at the events that were chronicled. Honestly, I think my friends and I deserve a Fancy Dinner to put 2015 behind us.


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