Road Trip To Paso, Part One.

This is pretty much how it feels to stop and have lunch in Santa Barbara.

This is pretty much how it feels to stop and have lunch in Santa Barbara.

There’s two pieces of artwork today….so if you DON’T want to read through my ramblings, you might want to scroll. I’d advise the ramblings…they make it make a kind of sense.

Santa Barbara is a whole lot different in tone as a city than Los Angeles. I’m not saying that people wander the street wearing underpants and oven mitts, with little wings on their beanie ponchos, except that I kind of am saying exactly that. Santa Barbara is nice, pleasant, kind of an artsy community, at least where I stopped. Not everyone has a script in development, and there’s a whole lot less of the “superficial” vibe that often permeates the experience of Los Angeles.

I drew this on the road, as it were. Upon stopping, we went to a Wine Tasting Room called “Municipal.” There, I just sort of quietly set up and started drawing, with Rainbow Dash overseeing the work from the vicinity of my right shoulder. Apparently, this was an interesting process, because photographs were taken of me drawing in that location. To be very honest, that was pretty flattering.

I like the “road trip” material, when it happens. It’s a very “back to basics” approach to Adequacy. I have just my clipboard, the old drawing boards that I started using a little way into the project…bad lighting, no way to ink. No possibility of color. Everything is drawn in stages, and “on the move.” It’s very challenging, and usually produces some interesting work.

The panel above is about being confused, obviously. I’m going back to school next week, and actually kind of looking forward to it. Still, I’m already sleeping badly, something that doesn’t usually happen until the very night before school begins. That’s confusing, right there. In addition, at this time last year, I had just learned that Darth was being removed from his position as principal at my Old School. It was uncertain, there was a large amount of turmoil, and there wasn’t really any battle left to fight. I have a feeling that going on a similar Road Trip possibly produces similar feelings…the brain isn’t all that creative, you know.

Like the saying goes…Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Municipal Wine Makers, by the way, is pretty excellent. I am far from a Wine Expert, but you really don’t have to be one to enjoy yourself there. The first time I was in, I wound up having a very long and exciting discussion about the “Hobbit” with an English professor. There’s an absence of pretense, generally a friendly group, and a bright yellow Food Truck parks outside regularly. This visit, the hostess of the establishment actually remembered me, which is amazing…since it has been around a year or so since the last time I stopped in.

Yeah, yeah…I hear your question. How many people sit down and draw, with a giant pony? Good point.

Still very much worth a visit, if you’re going to take the advice of a webcomic related to public education as a source of information about your Wine Tasting and Vacation Experiences. Always enjoyable.

After that, it was back in the car to actually get to Paso Robles. It’s about a four hour drive time to Paso, and I am not well suited to that sort of “endurance driving.” Nope. Not me. Hence, when I got out of the car, and checked into my room, I immediately sat outside on the Fancy Terrace, and spent about an hour drawing. Let’s look.

Actually, I had Salmon for Lunch.

Actually, I had Salmon for Lunch.

This is a whole lot less abstract than the first panel for today. You see, there’s this restaurant that I like called Fish Gaucho. Mexican seafood preparations…really fantastic. The plan was to eat dinner there, and I was both cranky from the drive, but ecstatic to be out of the car when I drew it.

At Fish Gaucho, I had these Insano Tacos. They were great, but surprisingly spicy. Like, the first bite, you’re all “mmmm!” As you continue, though, the level of spicy sitting in your mouth continues to grow and expand, gradually getting pretty intense. The whole Fish Gaucho meal was good, as it usually is.

So…there you have it. Today, there’s a hired driver and a tour of various Wine Tasting Rooms around Paso Robles. Also, I’ll be able to stop by this pretty epic candy store, which usually has good My Little Pony and Marvel loot. So that’s a good thing.

Who knows what strange seafood I might consume today? Stay tuned.


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