Road Trip To Paso, Part Three

Drawn, digitally edited, and pretty much posted while on the road.  Also...non fiction.

Drawn, digitally edited, and pretty much posted while on the road. Also…non fiction.

The other day, I was in this wine tasting room. The man handed me a cracker, telling me that it was made from “red dragon cheese.” Immediately, I was filled with questions. Where do you get red dragon cheese? Is Gandalf involved? Do you need to answer some kind of riddle, or perhaps hire a barbarian?

He swore to me on a stack of bibles that you could just go to a store on 13th street in downtown Paso Robles.

It turns out this is true. I went inside the store, Di Raimondo’s Italian Market and Cheese Shop, and straight up asked, “Where is this…red dragon cheese I hear talk of?” The young man behind the counter pointed to a two and a half pound half wheel of cheese.

Moments later, the whole stash of Dragon Cheese was mine, and Rainbow Dash, Orange Batman were in charge of it. I’m fairly certain they took pretty good care of it, but have yet to check. Vacation Time Rainbow Dash isn’t all that responsible.

Today, it has been the long road home, grimly driving through rain with Orange Batman up front. Our precious cheese cargo safely in the back.

Today’s art, as a result, depicts the escape with Dragon Cheese, drawn once again in emulation of Sheldon Moldoff’s style. You’ll not the 1950’s era Batmobile, with “bubble dome” cockpit and huge central fin. As I drew it, I imagined what a huge hassle it would be to park the thing. That’s Orange Batman’s problem, though…not mine.

I kind of want to color this one and yesterday’s so that might happen, since I’m on vacation. The idea of a coloring that huge Batmobile kind of catches my fancy, in a way that driving it would not. Sure, the Batmobile is a seriously tricked-out car, and you can’t blame the Bat, orange or otherwise, for wanting to drive it…but it must be a serious pain in the @#$ dealing with the Batmobile every night. urban driving can be a maddening experience. Heavy traffic, one-way streets, swerving buses, every single taxi driver, potholes, bad street signs, possibly suicidal bicyclists, pedestrians texting while crossing the street —- don’t even get me going about parking…! Now just imagine trying to navigate a rat’s nest of streets and alleys in an extra-wide custom hot rod with a wonky torque converter and limited visibility.

Sounds pretty awful, huh?

Try driving the L.A. Freeway system when it rains. Just as bad. In fact, there was a portion of the 101 that was actually underwater, except for the fast lane. What am I, Aquaman today?

Tomorrow…additional commentary, and a more timely post!


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