Escape From The Dragon Under-City!

Not a very subtle plan, for sure.

Not a very subtle plan, for sure.

Despite lacking subtlety, I hope that the plan, such as it is, executes today. Special Amazon, my co-teacher for much of the day, is in a bit of a pinch, and hopefully, I can provide a way out of that pinch.

It all started in August. At that point, there was another teacher who was supposed to be carrying a major contingent of “sections’ of tenth grade English. Almost as many sections as me. For arcane reasons having to do with number of years teaching, and norm numbers, she was not able to stay on staff as an educator…despite the fact that we still needed a teacher for that position. For the entirety of the first semester, the position was staffed by long terms subs…which never goes well.

It is important to note that when my co-teacher, Special Education amazon was hired, she was mandated to split her time…two periods served in my classes (with a large contingent of special education students) and two periods in the now unstaffed, long term sub position. She did that all last semester.

Unable to find a good teacher to hire…the Edu-Lords broke up the line of classes. Now…a number of other teachers are picking up the classes one period at a time. This has grown the Tenth Grade Team radically, but also provides stable, fully credentialed staff in each class period. By and large, we should consider that to be a Good Thing.

Still…when you effectively hire four new teachers, you are “rolling the dice” a whole lot. It turns out that Special Amazon just can’t work with one of them. Things came to an explosive head, quickly, to the point where complaints were made about the conflict. All of that is Not a Good Thing.

I immediately decided that I’d come to the defense of my team mate, Special Amazon. I quickly pointed out that we get along quite well, despite the fact that I have been described as “ornery,” “adversarial,” “Rough around the edges,” and my favorite, “an acquired taste.” This seemed to suggest that the problem really wasn’t with her. I then pointed out that the very same period that conflict was occurring…I just happened to have a huge class period with a large contingent of Special Education Students who could use additional services. From that…it was not hard to put two and two together, even for the Edu-Lords.

So now, the plan is a simple one. Given that open demand in my own Fourth Period class, the idea is to make a lateral transfer of Special Amazon from her current class assignment, to an assignment to me for three periods of the day. The last that I heard that was The Plan we were going with, but I’m not an Edu-Lord. Considering that she is a fantastic educator, it would be a big benefit to my students…so I can’t say that I’m not completely profiting from the solution.

As for the class period she is vacating…I’m not sure what the Edu-Lords are going to do about that. It’s not like there isn’t a fully credentialed teacher there…because there is. If I were to go around criticizing personality conflicts…I would have a real hard time looking in the mirror, so…I’m not going down that road. Instead…I’m looking to just maximize the effective portions here. Find the best place for Special Amazon, and make sure that the rest of the team is interfacing well enough. If that means an escape from the Dragon Under-City for the Special Amazon on Robot Ponies…the so be it.

It’s not like the Edu-Lords didn’t give me the metaphorical ponies when I asked.

About the art…this one was a chore, with the complex setting. It came out pretty well, as did the old school Eternian style robot ponies. I figured that the protagonist should be in full uniform, complete with noodle cape for this…with the Quislet kind of floating beside her. I may do a color version, if only to accentuate, Special Amazon’s hair, which got a bit lost in the shuffle. Although, to be fair, I’m never happy with the way Special Amazon’s hair comes out. It’s a complex, anime style ‘do that never quite comes out the way it is in my mind’s eye.

Still, she brought robot ponies, for a pretty short trip. That’s a class act in terms of escaping. It’s not like they are running out of a burning Dragon Under-City after vandalizing it. It’s like she set an appointment, and came prepared to abscond with the Special Amazon in a classy way.

I’m sure that the after school Tenth Grade Meeting today will provide content for later in the week…so there’s that to look forward to.

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