Clowning Around.

Therapy Clown seems confused by the Suicide Squad trailer.

Therapy Clown seems confused by the Suicide Squad trailer.

Recently, a new trailer for the film “Suicide Squad” was released. The concept of the movie is similar to that of the book…super villains are given a “Dirty Dozen” style deal and mission, and set out to do it as expendable assets. I liked the initial series, done in the mid eighties, more than I liked the revamped version of it that came to us via the New 52 reboot by DC comics.

That very same continuity shift gave us the redesigned Harley Quinn character, which I commented on at length in three posts a few months back. If you’re curious, you can always go to the search box to your right, in the Nav Column, and search them out. They aren’t all that relevant to the post, except to say that I felt that the initial design and characterization, by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, was a more fun and generally better handled character, in every respect.

The redesign of the character was very much informed by video game versions, which were much sexier and more violent. Since that time, the character has been yet again re-imagined by Amanda Conner (who I think is fantastic) as a Deadpool like anit-hero, complete with voices that only she can hear. That book has bouts of cleverness, I have to admit.

It is these later versions of the character that pretty much set the tone for the Suicide Squad film. Previous trailers have focused on that, to a very large extent…the hyper sexualized, excessively violent Harley Quinn that we currently have in comics. The rest of the cast were in those trailers as well, ambiguously depicted in random action sequences. All in all, the prior trailer that I was most familiar with was an active de-motivator for me to see the film.

The current trailer…less so. I’m still not really “Wow! Let’s go see that movie!”, but it did a great deal to make me less scornful. They dialed down the Harley quite a bit…she is depicted as crazy, sure…but not in the really gratuitous fashion of prior clips. The rest of the cast appears, and is established as other than Harley’s Expendable Sidekicks. The basic, Dirty Dozen style premise is outlined briefly and efficiently. There is very little of Jared Leto’s Joker, and there is Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing over the action.

It felt like DC/Warner Bros. was saying, “We know we pissed you off, over there at Adequacy. Take this trailer as an apology.”

Still…it doesn’t quite track as what I’m after from a film. Hence today’s art…it’s almost as if the character that I recognize didn’t even know a film was happening. Nothing subtle here, True Believers…just that. The idea that Therapy Clown was blindsided by a film that ostensibly, was at least in part about Therapy Clowns.

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