The Grinder Rests…!

Zebra Pony seems indignant at these farcical proceedings.

Zebra Pony seems indignant at these farcical proceedings.

Last week showed the very circumspect post, “Trial…by Hyper-Dolphin!” Today, I have a meeting around nine thirty in the morning, to finally clear the air about the whole Hyper-Dolphin episode. Ultimately, all is well…because it has to be when you just come in and do your job. Still, Public Education is what it is, and often teachers wind up under forms of scrutiny.

My beef is that it took a week to find the time to explain anything. Granted…I wouldn’t have even known about anything until this meeting, if I didn’t keep my ear to the ground, in a proverbial sense. Apparently the new District Policy is to have a meeting after the fact, even if everything is completely kosher. In the past, all sorts of things went on “behind the scenes” with administrative action, and that worked how it worked. Often, not all that well. As a result, today I will have a meeting, literally about nothing. I was promised that it would be brief.

The art is about how I could have been told all of this, say…last week. I stopped honestly giving a @#$% by Tuesday of this week, because honestly, it was clear that a Mountain of some kind had been formed from an Ant Hill, at least in how I took it. That happens with me, and I’m aware of it. I’m a very big fan of the “sit down, put the cards on the table, shake hands and be done” school of anything. It’s efficient, and it’s honest…it just doesn’t have any tangible Procedure attached.

The School District loves it’s procedure. First the Hyper-Dolphins and their sham proceedings. Then a memo. Memo followed by an exchange of e-mails to schedule a conference. Conference set. Conference held. Then, a memo to say, “Thanks…that was a good conference.”

It gets even more cumbersome and lengthy if it is a Disciplinary Conference. This is just a Conference, a Friendly Conference if you will, but things at the Edu-Mountain are By The Book.

And the Book itself is very, very large.

I decided to draw the Edu-Lords in a costume similar to that of the Antler King, except with a kind of robe-tabard thing over them. It’s a bit of a continuity problem, I think, because the Antler King isn’t even a full on Edu-Knight…he lacks tenure, and thus doesn’t get the armored uniform. Since the Edu-Lords run things, it seems odd that they are dressed similarly, in a continuity sense. Still…I was more concerned with drawing a hyper-evolved carrot man, a guy with a fishbowl helmet, and that iron mask dude to really fuss about that until after it was done.

In a related point though…our hero is back to actively wearing the Drax style shirt. That’s related to my direct lack of “team spirit” since the whole Hyper-Dolphin thing. I’ve been a bit down on the whole “team” thing, since it felt a lot like there was some kind of Dark Secret, or Things I Couldn’t Know. A direct result of that was reflected in the protagonist’s costume…she’s not wearing the uniform of the Edu-Mountain’s Knights this week.

I don’t know when, or if, that will change. I often don’t really think too hard about what she will be wearing in an image…it just sort of comes about “organically.” Many of her uniform and costume changes have emerged from that kind of thinking, or lack thereof. i suppose we will just have to wait and see.

As an important final point though…the Edu-Lords did clearly support me, and more importantly, knew what was what the whole time. They did things By The Book, which I’m definitely not used to, and that caused my confusion and crankiness. As a close friend of mine said at one point to me, about this school year…”these are problems to have.”


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