A Time For Tacos.

This post began being drawn solely out of love for tacos.

This post began being drawn solely out of love for tacos.

However, in some sort of Karmic Balancing, it became directly related to a day filled with meetings. Seriously…we had period by period conference meetings, followed by Professional Development day meetings, which in turn were followed by a massive Faculty meeting. It is arguable that I spent as many hours in meetings today as I had spent in instructing in English.

The first meeting, the unscheduled conference period meeting, was about the proper serving of “Breakfast in the Classroom.” This also marks the third time in three weeks that I have functionally been told a different procedure for exactly the same thing. Why the sudden interest? Apparently, the Edu-Mountain is being audited for this next week…some sort of large scale mega audit. Various kinds of Sanctions apply. I’m not just using a legal sounding word there, True Believers…the word “Sanctions” saw very liberal use in that meeting.

By the end of the day Faculty Meeting…I was being told completely different things to do. Different from the morning Conference Period meeting, I mean. It was strangely fascinating…like watching a wrestling match, where the wrestlers only communicated their moves through memos that fundamentally changed the rules of wrestling in the first place. I’ve never been all that big a fan of the “Breakfast in the Classroom” initiative to begin with…but this was really, really demotivating. My overall concern, at my level, is that if students want to eat breakfast, it’s there, and they can eat it. That’s pretty much where my concerns begin and end.

When I drew the art, though, I had gotten through a huge amount of grading, and entered it into the MISIS grading program. That program is still mightily flawed, to make an understatement…but at least reasonably functional. After such a massive entering of student work, and really getting very, very far ahead of the real due date, I felt like a victory celebration of some kind was in order. I thought, “What would I want, at this point? What kind of feast, fit for a superhero who had conquered a Herculean Quantity of paperwork and data entry?”

Only Tacos could be the answer.

You will note that this is inked, as is tomorrow’s art. It seemed kind of necessary, for image fidelity. You’ll also note that although I’m still hauling Zebra Pony around school every day, I Told You So Pony, who usually sits in a floating Moebius Chair, makes an appearance today and tomorrow. That pony is usually telling the protagonist “I told you so,” and seems very on point for the current situation at school.

It’s not like my tiny “I Told You So Pony” hasn’t been commuting back and forth from school every day since almost the beginning of the year. That pony has seniority over Zebra Pony. I don’t know if ponies are unionized like teachers, but if they are, that seniority is pretty important.

Although…back on the Breakfast in the Classroom topic for a moment. The fascinating part is that the program, although ostensibly existing to give food to students, is not being audited for that. What’s being checked is that a rigid procedure is being followed, and furthermore, that items are kept separate according to guidelines outlined by the USDA. For instance, students are required to take every part of breakfast, even if they don’t want everything offered. The stuff that they take, and don’t eat…even if it is sealed and untouched, can’t be returned as unserved. Instead, there is a completely separate return policy for that, to avoid waste. All of this is under state and federal level oversight, to prevent waste in the program.

Honestly…I expect the guidelines to change again, a few more times, before the auditors actually come. Those auditors are yet another group of visiting Suits, those scheduled for next week. Tomorrow will feature more educationally driven Suits, I believe related to our WASC review…

…which is a topic for another post.


One thought on “A Time For Tacos.

  1. About the art: Your everyday post-production work must be pretty good because I hadn’t noticed that you inked today’s art until you mentioned it.

    About breakfast in the classroom: They started doing this at my kids’ school last year. The breakfast consisted of an apple or similar fruit, a Danish, cinnamon bun, or pastry of some sort, and milk. As health conscious parents, my wife and I instructed our children to take the fruit and milk and leave the pastry behind. Much to our surprise, such responsible parenting was not permitted under the policy. Kids had to take all the food or none of it. Very frustrating.

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