…And Justice, For Hyper-Dolphins!

Oddly...pretty much non-fiction.

Oddly…pretty much non-fiction.

About a two weeks ago, I did the post entitled “Trial…By Hyper-Dolphins!”, followed by “The Grinder Rests…!”. This is an unexpected third part to that story, which came about last week.

Again, I am going to need to be pretty circumspect about facts here. In short…the whole Hyper-Dolphin trial was set in motion by a single individual. Unexpectedly, that same person made a series of very bad decisions afterward, and was asked to leave the school site. On a permanent basis.

I was pretty surprised by this. Both by the action itself, and by the swift, sudden change of situation made by the Edu-Lords. I would have been completely unaware of it, in fact, except that everything at the Edu-Mountain is always done Completely By The Book. As a result, I had to sign off on an accounting of materials, so that all of our supply numbers balanced out. That was easy enough to resolve, and in favor of the person in trouble.

Still…the whole matter was hugely unexpected. It spoke directly to how things run at the school site…very much By The Book. When an “investigation” comes up with something actually happened, there are very simple, very rapid steps that can be taken. It makes me pretty glad that I’ve been completely “By the Book,” so that there is nothing at all to find…because this, and a few other things demonstrated a big component of how thing run so well at the school.

Simply…there is a swift, consistent, and district approved consequence system in place, both for the adults and the students. I’ve watched it unfold both positively and negatively, involving students and teachers. That’s the kind of thing that schools are supposed to have, and I’ve always asserted that if you DO have it, your school will actually run smoothly, regardless of the location. It’s kind of a nice thing to have been proven correct, finally.

Also…it is important that such a system holds teachers accountable as well as students. Too many schools hold teachers as completely sacrosanct, and that has resulted in some very ugly cover ups in recent years within the district. I may not like all of the concepts, but a fair system for holding teachers accountable to their conduct is key. Also…as recently outed itself for me, if you don’t do anything wrong…you don’t have to worry about an accountability system.

I think I worry because of so many years at schools that were “fast and loose” with the system, and being around teachers who were good educators, but often cut corners on what would work in a more gentrified area. My general check and balance on things this year has been looking at students as if they were exactly what they are: people who in a couple of years, will be considered adults. As a result, I try and comport myself with the demeanor and respect appropriate to a gathering of young adults.

Honestly, it has been a much nicer way to operate.

Still…the whole “investigation” aspect to things didn’t make me feel like “part of the team” and to be honest, my school spirit hasn’t really recovered. Hence, why our protagonist is still “out of uniform” as it were, wearing a Conan/Cerebus inspired ensemble. Oddly, it is much like my day to day clothing.

I cropped down panel two, and cloned out the pointers for the speech balloons…mostly to color, and establish a real color palatte for the costume. That crop is here, as yet uncolored.

Panel Two art, isolated.

Panel Two art, isolated.

I actually rather like this costume. At some point, I think I’ll do a retrospective of costumes over time…over the past five years, she has gone through a few of them. Pretty big closets in the Fortress of Togetherness.

Next Issue…Black History Month Continues, with Vathlo Island!


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