Sleep Well, Zebra Pony.

It has been a big week.

It has been a big week.

That’s why Zebra Pony is so tired.

There was a pull out meeting, which had Drama in it. There was a huge amount of grade data entry, and the end of a unit. There was book distribution for the next unit, and there was a school activity “Teacher Karaoke” which I had to help supervise and deal with ticket sales for. All in all, a pretty tiring week.

In addition, there was a “mock WASC” walkthrough, which happened when there was a sub in my classroom, for the “pull out” day. WASC is a high school thing, and pretty important…and I have fully NO idea how that went.

As a result, Zebra Pony is tired. Zebra Pony has a pretty hard job. Every day I haul that pony back and forth to school, every day since November. Zebra Pony seems to maintain a pretty positive attitude about it though, which is good. It’s always nice to have Zebra Pony looking on, smiling, suggesting that I just shouldn’t be as troubled as all that. Zebra Pony is right, I think.

The original pencil image.

The original pencil image.

Much like Zebra Pony, I’ve been tired too. Hence the late weekend post, and simple pencils. I decided to ink and color it in marker, and you see the result of that at the top of the post. Still, I’m officially ahead right now, in art, which is always a good thing, especially with the very ambitious final February post. There’s a good chance I will ink and color that post today, because I am pretty happy with it.


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