Straight Outta Tattooine!

1977 called...they want their space stuff back.

1977 called…they want their space stuff back.

I played X-Wing this weekend, with a close friend. He hadn’t played in ages, and runs pretty much exclusively Imperial ships. It was a fun game, to be sure, and relieved a lot of my stress with respect to WASC reviews and Teacher Evaluations. Still…one of the key problems that I have with the X-wing Miniatures game was highlighted by the endeavour.

In November, I was looking forward to the impending release of Wave 8, which would have “Star Wars: Rebels” ships, including the Ghost. That release date came and went. Then there was a December release date. FAIL. A January release date, followed by two February dates. Both…FAIL. Now there is a March release date, which corresponds to the beginning of my Spring Break and end of evaluations…but I don’t trust that date. Furthermore…the lack of updates mildly suggest that Flights of Fantasy Games might not be as “behind the game” as thought, which means that fewer new players might be added.

I mean…really. December was THE time to have new product on the shelves.

Today…I most successfully rolled out with ships straight out of 1977…the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing, working in concert. The effectiveness of that team pointed out something clear. I don’t really NEED and new X-Wing miniatures. I may want some…sure. However, the game has already put into production pretty much all of the tiny spaceships that I feel that I NEED, in order to have a proper Star Wars game. Heck…my friend only uses non-standard TIEs, that are mostly Expanded Universe selections. Given that simple fact…it really shows how much has already been put “in print.”

That being said, I had fun today. Still…it seems like the game itself might be running into a tipping point, where the expansion is either slower or now present. That’s something that I’m pretty mindful of, given the massive boom in Collectible Card Games, and the few that still exist. One might argue that Magic: The Gathering endured by being the first of such games….and also by continuing to print expansions that kept its players interested, and allowed new players a “jumping on” point.

Still…with many disappointments in my heart, I am hoping for a Ghost arriving mid-May. We’ll see.

About the art…the protagonist is dressed in fairly generic, pseudo Jedi clothing from the 1970’s. We have Skrull Space Princess again…she usually makes an appearance for X-Wing posts. An old school TIE and Rainbow Dash round out the mix, for a fairly static composition that might be a “pin up” in a late 1970’s Marvel “Star Wars” comic. It was fun drawing our hero in a big robey/coat…it reminded me of her original uniform, with the shabby brown coat.

Should be a big week in terms of content, True Believers, so hold onto your seats!


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