Bringing Down The House.

I was thinking of speech balloons, but felt that the pictures told the tale.

I was thinking of speech balloons, but felt that the pictures told the tale.

Monday was crazy.

The WASC review was set for Monday. I woke up, and resolved to get to school early, to be best prepared for the WASC people about it. As cynical as I am toward that, I have absolutely no reason to want to see the school get “jammed up”, especially when I can help out by just doing the job that I signed up for, and doing it well. I came downstairs in my home, and poured myself a cup of coffee, exhausted at about six in the morning.

I can’t say for sure that my home was struck by lightning.

I do know that the flash was simultaneous with the thunder, and that the whole building shook. I do know that all of the items that drew power surged. I know that every single car alarm on the block lost its @#$% mind at the same time. Those are the things that I know.

When I went upstairs, the leaks in the roof were NOT from any kind of lightning. Those were from the incompetent roofers having not actually sealed the roof, for the THIRD time in as many months. Still…it wasn’t that big a deal. I could deal with that. Sure…the ceiling was not doing the basic job of ceilings and roofs. After a few cranky making episodes…I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just depressing, not angry making.

When I went downstairs to the garage…still EARLY mind you, and it looked like a scene from @#$%ing “Titanic”…that’s when I started to lose my mind. I tried to move some things around, to minimize the damage, and to attempt to seal the breach as best I could. In the process, I was soaked to the skin, and had to get in my car, now “on time” for the commute to school.

That commute took an hour and a half, instead of the half hour it usually does…and this was on WASC review day.

It turned out that the flood situation was caused by a plumber who was here a few weeks ago, and started a job that he didn’t finish. During the course of NOT finishing the job, he made our drainage problem worse, and by some mystery of plumbing, made ALL water drain into the garage. Not cool. When this guy said he couldn’t come out to fix this mess until a week or two from now, I promptly decided that this guy was straight up fired, and found a plumber to do the job right, on the following day.

Still…I got to work, on an Important Day, soaking wet, with a hole in my roof, and a flooded garage…a half hour late. It would be hard for me to express how frustrating that was. Still…I got things together, and was running class effectively (only homeroom had been sacked by all this) in a few minutes.

When the WASC representative came in, things were going well. I was amazed that all of that could have been pulled together, but it happened. All went well with the sake of review, and then, after lunch, I took a few class period to go home, clean up the garage, and give some contractors a @#$%ing large piece of my mind. Now…days later, the WASC report is in, and it was very positive, despite all of the little dramas, and the fact that for me, the day was Beyond Ridiculous.

Obviously, that’s what the art is about. Panel One has the crash, being looked on by guilty contractors. Panel Two has Zebra Pony looking on as a super shuttle falls through the roof. Since superheroes park their planes on the roof, I was able to consolidate the roof leaks and the garage problem into one accident. Panel Three is just sadness and depression, over the ridiculous situation. It doesn’t matter if you can throw a troll into the Sun, if your roof is all busted up, and your cool shuttle is covered with garbage. Those are problems what just aren’t fixed by Generic Alien Super Powers.

At this point, though, it seems like all if fixed in the Fortress of Togetherness. At least, that’s what I think until Friday, when it is due to rain again.


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