Into the Bat-Garage…

If Orange Batman is working THAT hard on the car, things can't be good.

If Orange Batman is working THAT hard on the car, things can’t be good.

He seems to be welding a fender, which is pretty much unrelated to my car’s problem. However, I have no idea how to draw Orange Batman replacing or rebuilding a transmission, and truth be told, there is absolutely NO reference for that that I find useful. That’s the problem, though…my beloved car finally needs a new transmission.

I have been fearing this repair since I had the engine rebuilt, about five years ago. When that happened, the transmission seals ruptured, and we needed to reseal the whole thing…and I knew that the transmission was on borrowed time. Five years later, the part clearly owes me no favors. Still…the transmission is the most complicated part of your car, and certainly one of the most expensive to service and replace.

The other night, leaving Open House…the car was reluctant to get into gear, and kept slipping. I pretty much made the diagnosis then and there, confirmed the following day by my mechanic. I always say, “It’s a machine, any part of it can be fixed or replaced,” and that is true. I have no doubt that the car will be repaired, especially in the hands that currently hold it. It’s just the major undefined cost that is scary. At this point, we are trying to locate a more effectively costed transmission, but we really won’t know much on that front until Monday. Still…I can pretty much field the repair cost…it will just be a bit rough.

That’s a good thing, though. There was a time, not so long ago, that a big cost like that would have been completely unable to be dealt with. I have enough life stability right now that I can handle it, even though it’s rough. The problems with the roof can be handled. In an ideal world, they would not be at the same time, but I’m not in charge of the Timing of Life Events.

Still working with digital lettering and balloons.

Still working with digital lettering and balloons.

My mechanic gave me a loaner, which is a pretty decent car, so the general inconvenience of having your car at the shop is even completely mitigated. There’s not really much for me to be complaining about here…which is actually a very pleasant change of pace. Sure, Zebra Pony looks concerned…but really, these are very solvable problems.

To all of you True Believers out there, I hope that your problems are just as solvable.

In a related point…I was thinking about how much more like the Millennium Falcon my car is than the Batmobile. When Batman, Orange or otherwise, has a problem with the Batmobile, he just BUYS ANOTHER. The Millennium Falcon though…Han Solo is always working on it, fixing it, souping it up. Chewbacca is always welding something. Maintaining it is a chore, but a labor or some kind of love for the machine itself.

That being said, long ago it was established that the protagonist drove a Batmobile, one take from the Batcave at the end of her youthful partnership with the Dark Knight. I’m pretty flexible about which Batmobile gets illustrated, but her car is always a Batmobile. There’s not a whole lot of “continuity” here, but there’s that.


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