School Spirit in the Sky!

Once again, using the Kirby Collage technique.

Once again, using the Kirby Collage technique.

My only beef with the finished image is that she is wearing her Noodle Cape with the current costume for the first time, but because of the background, it gets a bit lost in the shuffle. I am pretty happy with the Edu-Gladiator, though, what with his sword that makes energy and smoke with some bubbles too, and the shield with Kirby Crackle. He’s the ultimate embodiment of the ideal warrior for the Edu-Mountain, sort of a Platonic Form of the Bad @$& you want to have around. He’s also like a science fantasy version of our school mascot.

That, at its core, is what the post is about.

Since my friend teaches the Leadership class, I have been roped into a lot of the small dramas that surround High School Activities and so forth. I have an accidental access to the “Behind the Scenes”, by simple fact that I talk to the person who need to make these things happen. Last week, I saved prom by digitally reformatting the ticket, which was already late to the printer. Seriously. I think there are other things that need to be done for prom, but I have no real idea…things just sort of get brought to my attention, and I deal with them as I can, because I like to help my friend out…and strangely enjoy High School Activities.

Still…”School Spirit” is a thing that the Edu-Lords are very concerned about. They really want to see a whole lot more of it, from parents, students, and staff. It is a bit unclear how that “School Spirit” is supposed to happen, but apparently part of that seems to involve slapping the school mascot on whatever we can, and saying that this is in fact, “School Spirit.” There’s a feeling that there should be Events, and that students should attend these Events…but the Events aren’t really hyped, or marketed. The school newspaper comes out too infrequently to influence this…it just doesn’t really cover anything new.

As a result, the Junior Ball, at the end of the week, is now cancelled. Why? We only sold two tickets. TWO. Some students bought dresses for it, but didn’t buy tickets, in a move that I find bizarre and ironic to say the least. As a result of the Junior Ball being cancelled, there is less money for the next year’s Prom…since one is a fund raiser for the other.

In my class, there is a young lady who wants to run for president of her class, the class of 2018. She asked me for a letter of recommendation for this, which I will be writing today. She is intelligent, determined, involved in EVERYTHING, friendly, and kind. In short, she is the kind of leader that I not only want in school, but wish we could find for the @#$%ing country. I’m happily going to write the letter, because I hope that she has a motivated friend base, that could become the core of a real “school spirit” movement.

I’d like to see that happen, because as one of the Edu-Lords said to me, High School isn’t supposed to be all grind. It should be some fun. There should be some fun things to do, as a community. I remember my Junior Ball, and it was a fiasco, but it was FUN. I’d like my students to have that. I’m hoping that the young lady who wants to be president of that class will help me make it happen for them.

School Spirit, though….it’s an odd thing. I don’t wear the school colors on Friday, I generally frown on that sort of thing, to be honest. On those days, I generally wear my Hogwarts Ravenclaw jerseys, or my Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters gear. The only school spirit that I seem to have is for fictional institutions, and to e be honest, I sometimes feel like the “school spirit” presented by adults is pretty phony. As we all know, I’m about Ponies, not Phonies.

Pencils, sans background..

Pencils, sans background..

The art represents the trick for someone like me. Being a GDI, or God-Damned Independent, from my time in High School and at USC, it’s an interesting balancing act. I want to support school activities, student involvement, and general participation in the community…and at the same time, I would like young people to be who they are. The art is about that…the conflict between being the embodiment of the School Spirit, embodied in the Edu-Gladiator, and the empowerment of being an independent, and individual. Being older now, I know the true power of individualism, which is why the protagonist definitely has the upper hand. Also, her super powers are @#$%ing Silver Age Awesomeness Level.

Still…much like Silver Age Superman…she’s smiling, and not trying all that hard. She doesn’t have to preserve who she is, at the expense of what another person stands for, or what they like. She doesn’t need to undermine the total team player. That’s the balance I’m talking about.

When I say that I’ll be hauling the Zebra Pony and my own self to an activity, and dressing up for it…a lot of the Odd Students mobilize, and roll out. They know that at least one adult will be One Of Them, and it makes it way easier for them to try new things. It’s a Big Deal, and a real testament to the power over young people’s lives that teachers often don’t even realize that they have. That we need to be responsible about.

I kind of wish that I knew more Juniors…maybe there could have been a Junior Ball. There’s always next year.


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