Future President of the Edu-Mountain!

This was easier to render than you might think.

This was easier to render than you might think.

Originally, I was going to write this post about my possible evaluation visit today. The art was going to be about it, as well as this article…mostly dealing with the fact that I have had no informal visits, and my official visit was supposed to be today. Ultimately, though, I was waffling about the art content. Waffling because I didn’t care all that much. That’s not to say that I’m doing anything half way, or phoning it in…just the opposite. The actual rules of the evaluation mean little to me. I feel that I should always be observable, and always be doing so in a way that would give me a top notch evaluation. I teach with the door open for that reason. So…if today is the day, or isn’t…it doesn’t change what will happen. There’s not phony show for one day, no day of cleaning up my act.

Still…that left me unsure of how to deliver today’s content.

That is, until a young lady came to me seeking a letter of recommendation. The young lady in question is in the Leadership class, and has me late in the day. She wanted the letter of recommendation to run for class president, of the class of 2018. Apparently, all of the paperwork is due on Friday, and she was putting all of her proverbial ducks in a row.

The fact is…the leadership class isn’t all that effective in getting things done. The current Junior Class president failed to promote and produce a Junior Ball…that was cancelled this week. The young lady that approached me to be in the Presidential Spot for her class…is one of the hardest working young people that I have ever met. She is involved in numerous extracurricular activities. She comes early to set up Leadership events, and stays late to take them down. She doesn’t want any kind of VIP status…she just wants to give her best, and make good things happen. In short, she’s the kind of person that I’m proud to know.

I kind of wish that the National Conventions were giving me hard working, kind, ethical leaders like her…but that’s a whole other thing.

I spent some real time writing her a glowing letter of recommendation. I have never been involved in any way in meaningful school politics, as a teacher or as a student. It was interesting, and I sat down and asked my student a number of questions about what she had to do to get to the election, and why she wanted to do it. When I was a student, it all seemed very phony to me, a kind of popularity contest with no real importance. In the school where I am now…popularity contests are much tougher to have. With a large amount of student transiency, and a significant ESL population…it’s hard to be a popular person…there’s too much diffusion of social groups. Furthermore, modern ASB and Class Councils have more decision making power, and are more serious “stakeholders” in schools than in years past.

It’s actually a real thing now.

Needless to say, I really support this young lady in her candidacy. The art is about that…you can see the protagonist in the boat with Zebra Pony, behind the teen candidate in her puffy jacket. They support the Presidential Candidate, even as she is rowed across the River of Despair by her less evolved classmates. Helping out the protagonist, you can see her friend, who I felt needed to be included in the art…they are inseparable.

The composition, of course, is based upon the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware River, during the American Revolution. It seemed to speak to the struggle to have a voice, the hard work and diverse peoples needed to get there. You know…basically the struggle that my young students have in trying to make their school a better place. They might not have super-evolved yet, but a good number of them are on their way…about one out of five (there’s a graph). What’s most interesting is that those same one out of five also seriously contribute to improving the place they are in right now.

What would the world be like if one out of five people tried to make it a better place? That would be about two billion people, working for their fellow man. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Maybe my candidate for President of the Edu-Class can nudge us that way. One can hope, right? At the very least, the Candidate will provide me with a subplot for the strip, as she tries to become the head of her quarter of the Edu-Mountain.



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