“I Can Only Observe…”

This is a pretty fancy part of the Edu-Mountain.

This is a pretty fancy part of the Edu-Mountain.

This is pretty much how contact with my evaluator goes. She’s very likable, and a strong administrator, but so heavily tasked with things to do, that I haven’t actually seen her for much of my Evaluation Process. Not that this concerns me too much…I generally have the feeling that I should be observable at an administrator’s whim, and class should always be top notch as a result. Still, there has been a small amount of frustration with this, despite my oddly “low stress” attitude about the whole thing.

For the last two weeks of so, I was supposed to be having “informal” evaluative visits. What with WASC, reports cards, and the actual day to day business of being an administrator at our school…those visits didn’t happen. Yesterday was supposed to be my “Formal Observation.” I had actually forgotten about it as the day wore on, which in my opinion, is an ideal way for it to take place. There’s nothing phony about it…you get to see a real day, in real action. I had forgotten about it completely in fact, until my Evaluator called the classroom and apologized. Honestly, I was momentarily confused.

She then asked if we could do it today, because she was handling something pretty serious. I agreed, of course, because again…it’s not all that Big a Deal to me. I’m actually looking forward to having her around, and the subsequent educational discussion, but honestly….it’s very, very low stress.

In fact, the ONLY stress is from the sheer ambiguity of the timeline. Having things continue to get deferred into the future, cancelled, and rescheduled…that just keeps a sort of expectation level going, which is odd, and I don’t need.

And hence, today’s art. We have the Evaluator, who is pretty self conscious about having not made it previously. Incidentally, getting a mildly embarrassed expression on a Cosmic Alien Being is just not that easy. We have the usual cast that would be doing super hero stuff down in the Edu-Dungeon of the Edu-Mountain, of course. Orko is there because the class period where I am to be observed will be right after Lunch, where I will be playing Magic: The Gathering with the kids. Friday is our big multiplayer game.

When a vice principal strides in at the tail end of lunch, many of those young wizards will be echoing Orko’s “Can I be excused?” sort of sentiment. Being a young wizard from Trolla himself, Orko seemed appropriate to have in, and a departure from drawing Hogwarts students or Magic: The Gathering stuff.

By the end of the day, it will either be a done deal, and I will depart for vacation…or it will be rescheduled yet again. Oddly, the main reason that I hope that it isn’t rescheduled has nothing to do with me…this VP is very likable, and if she can’t make it to the Edu-Dungeon, that just means she’s having a bad day. I’d really rather she didn’t have a bad day at all.

Compared to last year at this time, I am both amazed, and a little bit spoiled, by what my concerns and day to day tasks are. As my friend tells me, “These are problems to have.”


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