Spring Break Doth Begin! Hath Begun? Begineth?

Horsey does not tolerate delays to spring break!

Horsey does not tolerate delays to spring break!

That’s right…the giant monster of paperwork, grading, and evaluations loose at the Edu-Mountain has been left behind, metaphorically wounded and festering. It may be angrier and more mean-spirited upon my return, but for now, I have a week off, plus an extra day for Cesar Chavez Day.

To be honest, it is much needed. I enjoy my current job a great deal, but i have been frequently covering classes, and the “high stakes” of High School grades is a fair amount of stress. If I fail a student in English…they just need to take it again, or they don’t graduate. With four years of English needed…that means guaranteed summer school, and hopefully no other failed classes. I have a number of students who are functionally failing themselves, by not completing work at all, and I feel pretty bad for them.

Still…it is a week without all of that. My beloved car is still having a transmission rebuild, but I am leaving town for a few days anyway. The Monday post will probably address all of that, so stay tuned, True Believers.

The art sans digital text balloons.

The art sans digital text balloons.

While drawing the mega-creature, I couldn’t decide whether to reference the Eldrazi of current Magic: the Gathering plotline, or the reptilian style Baloth from the same game. As a result, the creature has elements of both, but leans much more toward the dinosaur like Baloth, lacking tentacles and so forth. It’s hard to draw a creature that you can’t really see all the way….just a small part in frame, implying a much larger thing.

Horsey is finally depicted in his full on, brand new, Edu-Mountain style science fantasy armor! Looking good Horsey. You’ll notice that he fits the genre and the setting…but isn’t really wearing the “uniform” of the Edu-Mountain, per se. That’s because Horsey is a dyed in the wool Individual.

And now…on the road!

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