Spring Break: Weekend in the “Wine Ghetto.”

I don’t usually type before posting art, but it seemed a little called for here.

First off…there really is a “Wine Ghetto” in Lompoc. The Lompoc Wine Ghetto is a mix of wine production facilities and tasting rooms located in an industrial park in Lompoc, California, which is by Solvang and Los Olivos. It’s s pretty compact area, with a community of creators all doing similar things…but each with a given niche. Maybe one of them is against making blends, and another is all about the Italian varietals…that kind of thing.

All of these pages were done on a clipboard, under those conditions. Limited space, often poor lighting, and no “studio materials” except for my pencil and a small ruler. You can really see the grain of the art board in the images, because of the lighting in the fancy schmancy hotel. Overall, considering the conditions, I’m very happy with this post.

Page One.

Page One.

I started to get a constant stream of questions about the “Batman v. Superman” film, both by text, email, and in person, pretty much as soon as the weekend started. I have a fair knowledge of what the script involves at this point, and the whole thing seems…well, not very clever. I just don’t think that the uber “grim and gritty” approach to superhero films is all that necessary, and furthermore…I think that the whimsical nature of Deadpool proved that. All the way to the bank, really.

Still..in wine tasting rooms, where people are a little drunk, they do this thing where they ask you a question…and then totally talk over your answer, regardless of what it is about. Then…having not gotten their answer, they ask you again. It can be about anything, really…but this time out of the gate, since I was drawing, it was about Batman v. Superman.

Page Two.

Page Two.

The Fess Parker Inn is FANCY. Super Fancy. The doors to the rooms though, are like Thor’s hammer…infinitely heavy. I don’t know if it is a security feature, or what, but you need an Asgardian or a Kryptonian to open them, for sure. Hence, panel one of page two. They also left a complimentary bottle of wine from the Fess Parker Vineyard in the room, which I interpreted as a reward for getting the door open. There were also complimentary tastings at the Fess Parker Vineyard itself, which also had HUGE doors, and another place called Epiphany.

So…Fess Elisha Parker, Jr. was an actor best known for his portrayals of Davy Crockett in the Walt Disney 1955–1956 TV miniseries and as Daniel Boone in a television series from 1964 to 1970. I watched both of those in re-runs when I was young. Unknown to me, he was also known as a winemaker and resort owner-operator…hence where I slept and drank booze.

Page Three.

Page Three.

Ah, yes….wine tasting words. I actually think that the Bizarro sommelier is onto something. In every tasting room, people talk in these words about wine, that I have discussed in other posts. Wines are described as “big,” “jammy,” and “fruit forward.” Flavors are mentioned that you would never have a reverence for (“you will find hints of boots, pure tobacco leaf, and just a touch of ashes”). A Bizarro tasting room would have a sommelier who gave you information that was useless and backwards…and that would be just fine. Still…in a Bizarro Tasting Room, you would have to give wine to the guy behind the counter, and then he would ask you not to join the club. It might get complex and confusing quickly.

Back on the road, and back to my home studio by tonight, True Believers.

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