DC Sketch Cover Madness: Supergirl Team Up!

The protagonist even wore her noodle cape for the occasion!

The protagonist even wore her noodle cape for the occasion!

This post really isn’t about very much, and will be short.

The weekend saw the release of “Batman v. Superman,” which critics nearly universally panned as a mess of a story. I didn’t see it, mostly because I didn’t want to support something that I thought was stupid. On the other hand, I very much like to support things that I think are very good. As a result, I wanted to take a moment, and a post, to praise the TV show “Supergirl.”

The TV show gets right everything that the recent film franchises don’t. Supergirl is a charming character…a nice person who you would actually like to have as a friend. She saves cats from trees, she smiles, and most of her “super actions” are to actually help people. The actress is superb, and does an excellent job of making you like Kara/Supergirl, and feel sympathy for her various social challenges. In short…like all good “Superman” stories, it is upbeat, positive, and usually ends with a wimk of some kind to the viewer.

I don’t watch TV and go to films to be depressed. I can just read the news for that, as this week has proven.

You might ask, why isn’t the art drawn on a blank “Supergirl” cover? Because there ISN’T one, True Believers. I went with the Justice League cover because at least that’s a team…and it doesn’t have “Superman” on the cover. Not that I have anything against the idea of “Superman”…it’s just that having recently given a training on handling transgender issues in the classroom, it seemed uncool to have “Superman” on a Supergirl sketch cover, and vice versa.

The art without DC trade dress.

The art without DC trade dress.

It’s HARD to draw people in real postures. Superhero actions are easy…we practice them. People just standing around…way harder, for lack of practice.

This week, Supergirl and the Flash will be teaming up in a two parter that goes across networks…pretty unprecedented. The Flash is a pretty good show too, although it got kind of “dark” this season. I’m unsure what the Flash really brings to a team up…his super speed is just one of Supergirl’s MANY powers as an Alien American. That idea…pretty much drove the art.

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