Flight of the Loaner Pegasus!

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So, this image had a lot behind it, despite the compositional simplicity.

The day it was drawn was a day of meetings. I had been pulled from class, to plan for the entire day with other Tenth Grade English teachers. For six hours, we met on various issues related to the final days of class. We discussed the remainder of “The Catcher in the Rye”, and the possibility of doing “Julius Caesar.” We talked about assessments, rubrics, and gradable assignments. All told, a good month of school was laid out, with all seriousness.

The art is mostly related to the issue of school tardiness, truancy, and the traffic this morning. Also, it is related to the fact that I’m still using a loaner, instead of my beloved car. So…instead of a batmobile or flying robot pony, we have the much much harder to draw pegasus. The pegasus is a loaner for our hero…not as fast as a rocket powered robot pony or a turbine driven batmobile, but a way to get to the Edu-Mountain. That’s a big part of how i have been functioning, and it’s wearing on me.

Today saw me locked in traffic for ages, both to and from work. An hour or so each way, due to accidents and other lags…on a trip that should take about twenty minutes or so. Half an hour at the outside. That’s a bit frustrating, and I have to admit, at this time of year…it’s pretty tough to work through. I’m getting to the point where I just want to go back and forth, quickly, and have the best part of class happen, as opposed to the drudgery. The commute is the most drudgery related part, honestly. In a loaner…it’s that much worse.

It’s a nice loaner….don’t get me wrong. Very nice. It’s just not MY car…and that’s all the difference.

The other thing informing the art is the need for a logo related to our “Every Minute Counts” campaign. The “Every Minute Counts” drive is about being on time, and not missing school. The idea is to create a campaign on campus where students are no tardy, where being on time is incentivized. I was asked to make a cool button or logo, perhaps something T-shirt ready. The art for today is not that, but was integral in my thought process for such a logo. Given our mascot from Greek Myth and History, the pegasus as a symbol of speed and freedom leaped to the fore front in my thoughts.

Obviously, the protagonist won’t be the logo…but I’m working on something inspired by this composition. Hopefully, it will be both approved and popular with the students…since the idea is to make a ‘branding” driven campaign about school attendance. As soon as I have the preliminary art for that, I’ll post it with the usual content for that day….but right now, I don’t even have the basic sketch done, much less final art. Hopefully, the idea will be approved on the day that this posts, and I will be able to sit down at the drawing board in earnest.

Our school does not have a PSA (Truancy) counselor, despite being budgeted for one. Apparently, there are no available PSA counselors in the district right now. As a result, programs like “Every Minute Counts” become far more important, since the negative consequences of missing school fall by the wayside. There are two main ways to fail in public school, told to me by an administrator i deeply respected, years ago: “Don’t Come, Don’t Care.” Obviously, “Every Minute Counts” addresses the “Don’t Come” contingent of students.

When I review my grades, a large percentage of my failing students are directly correlated to poor attendance. It’s a big deal, even though on some level, it seems like common sense.

In an unrelated point…as cool as today’s art came out…I want my car back. Sigh.

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