The Party’s Over…Time To Go Home.

Looks like Prom Time Pony overdid it.  Poor thing.

Looks like Prom Time Pony overdid it. Poor thing.

The Senior Prom, at the Aquarium of the Pacific, was impressive to say the least. There was a pretty good “Prom Specific” DJ, as well as a company involved that puts on Senior Proms…that’s what they do. There was a private security force, complete with earpieces, so supervision was…easy, to say the least. There wasn’t that much to do, except be around as an Official Part of the School.

Starting at eight, I spent about an hour checking students in with their tickets…that’s after they got through the Security Checkpoint. Students were universally amused that I had a huge pony with me, helping to do check in. After that, we had to confirm who was there, and of course, hit the Taco Bar. There were to caricature artists on hand, and two photo booths, as well as a professional photographer. There was a voting table for the Prom King and Queen, who were to be announced and crowned at eleven. After that, festivities continued on until midnight, at which time the students were sent out into the world, and the clean up procedures took place.

In the parking lot, students waiting for rides home stopped the teachers who stayed the whole time, and just talked with us…like friends. It was endearing, and took up a huge amount of time. It was hard to not just sit and chat with these young people, who were reaching out to us, in an attempt at adult conversation, and real kindness and appreciation. That lasted for some time…the few remaining teachers (and Prom Time Pony) spent until around one in the morning, bidding fond farewells to the students.

Prom Time Pony and I got home at close to two in the morning. I am still tired.

All in all, it was a pleasant and charming evening. I teach tenth grade, and have helped a group of students that are seniors to graduate, so between underclassman that were “plus ones” and seniors that I helped out…I knew a percentage of the students. When I saw them, all dressed to the nines, I made a huge, huge fuss. One young lady in my home room looked so grown up that I pretty much had a human feeling right there on the spot.

Despite the hassle of driving to Long Beach…I would do it again. The experience was rewarding, and fun…real quality time. It was also very well set up, in that at the beginning, at check in…the teachers got to see their students, and fuss over them. After that….it was very much Their Time, with us on hand, in our own social group, as the people that put together the event…but didn’t interfere in it. Apparently, in late May the Seniors will have a “Farewell Dance” on campus…which is much more the milestone that I thought this was supposed to be.

Even the problems were charming…very much unlike my experiences at other schools, at school dances. At one point, as a Dire Emergency, I was called upon to retie a necktie, at another, to sew on a lost button. The kinds of things I expected when I started teaching, all those years ago. It’s not really the same as breaking up fights and taking away inappropriate items…for which I’m very, very glad.

I could definitely stand to have more evening like this, as my career moves forward. I don’t know if Prom Time Pony can, though…he looked pretty rough on the way home. In every sense of the term, Prom Time Pony is a true Party Animal.

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