Every Minute Counts!

Once again using the Kirby Collage process.

Once again using the Kirby Collage process.

That Edu-Warrior certainly seems to be in a hurry, huh? I drew him this weekend, because my friend is doing an “Action Research” project with the district, through the Leadership class. One of the biggest problems that students have toward graduation is that of tardiness and truancy. That being an identified “Issue”, the teacher in question began planning an program called “Every Minute Counts.” The idea is simple….instead of setting up a bunch of negative consequences for the tardiness and absence, you do an advertising and motivational campaign instead.

In case you’re curious…we already have a negative consequence system in place, that is inconsistent, and poorly understood. Poorly understood by me, in fact. The students interpret it as flexible and negotiable, which to a degree, it is. That prevents it from being functional at all.

As a result, the awareness campaign is not a bad idea. There will be some kind of sign up for a “pledge,” various activities, a presentation of some kind, and various posters and buttons and so forth. All of that needed a logo…which will have text that says, “Every Minute Counts.” Having drawn the senior t-shirt, I was approached for a design. I figured School Spirit was an issue, so having an ancient Greek warrior (the mascot) rushing out on some important mission seemed like a good way to depict “Every Minute Counts.” one thought led to another, and the recent experience of drawing a flying pegasus for one of last week’s posts led in turn to what you see above.

The above is for the strip, today. The actual version wouldn’t do well with a background, and will probably need color added. Still, we can look at the proposal pencils I will be handing over, for the “Every Minute Counts” mascot:

Ready for administrative review.

Ready for administrative review.

I’m hoping that it’s adopted, and i can do various crops of the image, for use on posters, buttons, and possibly t-shirts or hats. It came out VERY cool, and seems to align with the School Spirit that Admin is mildly obsessed with. It also brought up for me a very salient question: just how many ways can you depict ancient Greek warriors, and have it remain fresh? If I keep having to draw logos and such for use on posters and t-shirts, that’s a very real question.

As my close friend would say to me…these are problems to have. Last year, my day to day was a mental struggle to manage constant insanity going on around me. This year, I’m concerned that i might not have fresh t-shirt designs in the future. The contrast is huge.


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