Comin’ ‘Round The Edu-Mountain…

Day Three of Therapy Clown!

Day Three of Therapy Clown!

I drew this in response to two things….one, a Jim Lee driven Harley Quinn project on stands right now. Two…the fact that my car is still in the shop, and as a result, I am getting increasingly perturbed about it. I’d rather be back in my own driver’s seat of some thirty one years or so, instead of driving a loaner car.

Therapy Clown, on the other hand, is pretty pleased with her gross looking Bat Loaner beast, to go to the Edu-Mountain with. I don’t know if he’s super-evolved, or more of an evolutionary step to the left….but that is one hell of a bat creature. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable riding it to work, but then, I’m not a mentally unstable clown. Still, it felt important to clearly give Therapy Clown a place in, and transportation to, the Edu-Mountain setting.

There’s not that much behind this post, besides my frustration with transportation, and the idea of Therapy Clown acting out with respect to it. Last week on Thursday showed the protagonist with a pegasus loaner…this week, we see how her psychiatric advisor gets to the Edu-Mountain. I’m actually doing rather a bit to keep my stress levels even among all of the odd life challenges, while not missing any school…so this is very, very on point.

It’s not as easy to draw like Jim lee as you might think. Hi line work is distinctive, even if his compositions and design aren’t all that bold these days. Clearly, I was going for a Jim Lee look and feel here…and where I think I captured the content very well (Therapy Clown riding some kind of Bat creature) I don’t think I captured the “look and feel” of a Jim Lee piece very well at all. I’m not crying rivers over it…I’m pretty happy with the final product.

Without the digital text box.

Without the digital text box.

At this point, school wise, I have a huge amount of data entry to do, in terms of grades for the next grading period. That window opens in a week and a half, and is pretty important. Given the number of assignments, and the number of students, that’s going to be around 1200 spreadsheet cells filled in in the next few days. Amortized over those days, it won’t be too odious a chore, and I’ll be ready for grade consults before report cards.

Reading “Catcher in the Rye” with the kids, and thinking about Holden Caulfield…it’s had me in the mind of sanity, and how we might know if we were losing our grip on it. Holden starts narrating his story from a sanitarium, where he is “taking a rest.” The history of the text itself, and its connection to the mentally ill, is pretty well documented. My point, and I do have one, is about how tenuous the grip that any one of us have is. How marginal the connection to normalcy, to sanity really is. It’s a heavy set of subjects to talk about with a group of young people.

Rewarding, for the most part, though. The conversations in class over the course of the week, about the ethics of lying, about what it means to be alone, about meaningful relationships…they have been pretty substantial. There’s been a solid portion of content, that has gotten students, though the discussion and the literature, to take a kind of “mental inventory” of themselves, if they have been on task. That’s a big deal, and powerful to be in charge of handling, of choosing the course for.

Especially so when you think you need a Therapy Clown on hand to handle all of your own issues.


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