“Even The Smallest Pony Can Change The Course of The Future.”

Poor Frodo of Ponies.  He looks worried.

Poor Frodo of Ponies. He looks worried.

Of course the Frodo of Ponies looks worried. He has a pretty stressful job. That volcano in the background isn’t an Edu-Mountain, and he has to throw that horseshoe into it. A pretty tall order, with pretty high stakes attached. Plus, he can’t just FLY into Mordor, despite having wings on his back. He has to walk, and deal with stressful, @#$%ed up @#$#% like Shelob and Dark Riders and midgets that bite of fingers. Frodo of Ponies has some pretty serious @#$% going on, True Believers.

Still, Galadriel’s wisdom (paraphrased in the header) has a whole lot going for it. It’s the spirit that drove the nine students to be the plaintiffs in the Vergara Case, which I talked about yesterday. It’s what has allowed me to stand up, and effect small change where I can in education policy, and more importantly, to effect big change on a day to day basis in school. In students’ lives, that is. It’s the mentality that often makes me able to tough out stressful things in my own life, challenges, betrayals, and even injuries (even though I still have all my fingers, thankfully).

That drove today’s art, obviously. In part, I felt like I hadn’t drawn enough ponies lately, and wanted a pony-centric image. I also felt like I didn’t really have a specific Fantasy Setting Pony, but upon reflection, I realize that’s a complete load of BS. There are a few. I wanted to draw a character that was worried, maybe sad, but filled with some kind of resolve. Teaching the “Catcher in the Rye” lends itself to these sorts of thoughts…unlike Tolkien’s characters, Holden Caulfield is a depressed, uncertain protagonist. I will be pretty happy to put this text behind me in about ten school days, you can be sure of that. Five times a day, studying an unstable individualist, and analyzing his conduct in detail with young people…it takes a weird toll.

Still, one problem at a time, one step at a time, I am gradually eroding the forces of evil, or at least the forces of ennui, and very gradually making a more positive world. Today’s high point was presenting a young lady with a letter of recommendation for a college preparatory program that she wanted to enter. She took the time to read it, and what I honestly wrote and feel about her, as both a student, and a young person that I am very proud of. One typed page can produce a smile that makes a lot of ills disappear, I can tell you that, True Believers.

Amidst all of our stress and worry, we need to stay focused on those moments, as often as we possibly can. If anyone succeeds in doing this, please tell me how.

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