Marvel Sketch Cover Madness: Team Up with Trans Captain America!

Trans Captain America brings the thunder, True Believers.

Trans Captain America brings the thunder, True Believers.

Continuing the inspiration from yesterday, we have a team-up with Trans Captain America.

So yes…that situation I was referring to yesterday was Dealt With. It did require a whole lot of effort, in really trying to make some people understand the basic discrimination that was taking place, and not just by students. I had to continue displaying highlighted bulletins from the district, that explicitly stated what school employees should and should not do, especially with respect to our own interactions with transgender students.

The most frequent problem is the statement, “But the student is really a (fill in gender here), right? So that’s what matters.” There’s an almost willful disregard for the student’s perceived identity, in favor of what the computer system and biology may or may not have to say. District policy, on the other hand, is actually much more flexible, and demands much more flexibility from its employees. If a student chooses to go back and forth with their gender identity, district policy clearly states that we are supposed to deal with the student based on what their own current gender identification is, not what yesterday or even tomorrow might have to inform us about it.

Still, armed with the relevant bulletins about bullying and proper treatment of transgender students, things moved along pretty quickly. It’s amazing how much influence a highlighted bulletin that has clear disciplinary actions for professionals that don’t comply with it, manages to cut through resistance. It’s a bit bothersome that I needed to keep throwing it around, but in the end, it worked out.

Which led to today’s artwork, of which there is the above cover, and the bonus strip below. I was very satisfied to have gotten completely out of the politics of running a school, of day to day operations, and instead, spending my time and energy outside of class on something that matters…standing up for students against bullies, discrimination, or both. It was getting back to my roots as a teacher, which I feel I owe Trans Captain America for showing me the way back to.

Trans Captain America is all about straight up Nazi fightin'.

Trans Captain America is all about straight up Nazi fightin’.

In fact, when called to cover a class for an absent teacher, I pretty much gave that response, to not take the coverage. Needless to say, the office staff on the other side of the line were very confused, but really, there are two things in play. First off…I’m not at school to be a substitute teacher. We should have subs for the teachers that aren’t in. Secondly, and more importantly, I wasn’t going to let that situation with my transgender student stand a moment longer…it was going to be Dealt With.

Unfortunately, that student wasn’t in yesterday. In school, I mean. I can understand why…would you want to keep coming back to a place where most of the people, adults or students, treated you poorly because of who you are? Whether intentional or not, that has to grind on you, and demotivate you. The student is pretty intelligent, so one can only hope that the demotivational elements of the environment don’t discourage them from graduating at all….because that would be truly awful.

In terms of the cover art, there’s a whole lot going on. Note that Trans Captain America already has a round shield. Yeah…I felt that it worked better, and really, the familiar round shield was introduced pretty early on anyway. Originally, the protagonist was going to have sort of a tommy gun, but somewhere along the drawing line I decided it should be some kind of flamethrower. Seemed to work better, to be more visceral. You will also note Pony Torch! Yes, the Torch was a Golden Age character originally, so it seemed very on topic to have Pony Torch. Since I’ve had Pony Torch on my hat the last few weeks, it definitely fit the genre issues.

The massive platoon of Nazis was fun to draw, but those “crowd battle” scenes are a @#$% and a half to do. It is pretty much necessary for ANY Captain America, though…your basic job is taking down whole platoons of Nazis, with nothing but your Super Soldier Status, a metal disk, and sometimes a motorcycle. The Golden Age stylings of both the cover and the strip were pretty hard to emulate, but I am very happy with both.

The art cropped from the cover, and enlarged, for your viewing pleasure.

The art cropped from the cover, and enlarged, for your viewing pleasure.

I could have been a day or two ahead in the art chores for the strip, but instead, I decided to do this mega post. I think the idea of Trans Captain America is pretty good, although I would hope that Marvel would be less ham fisted than me about that kind of implementation. Soon, Marvel will have two Captain Americas anyway, one African American, and one the traditional White Guy. There aren’t a whole lot of LGBT superheroes, the “T” being the least represented of all categories.

Food for thought, during straight up Nazi fightin’.

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