“Off With His Head!”

Edu-Dungeons are hazardous places.  In the lower levels, even the most experienced heroes can be snuffed out.

Edu-Dungeons are hazardous places. In the lower levels, even the most experienced heroes can be snuffed out.

Obviously, the title of the post is more a royal decree of a death sentence, taken from the Queen of Hearts, then a literal relation to today’s strip. That old school Edu-Knight still has his head, despite his mummified status. Gotta check for traps, dude.

The digital transfer for panel one was a mega hassle, and I’m still not happy with the way the pencils ultimately lit. That being said, this is a brief post, about a simple topic.

Every school has its dramas, its adult problems that need to be “handled.” Even the Edu-Mountain has those issues, and at the Edu-Mountain, things are handled cleanly, crisply, with a minimum of gossip and full administrative authority. A year and a half ago, if the Darths at my old school had an ounce of the sense and skill that the Edu-Lords do, they could have done in anyone they wanted, anyone at all. In an interesting contrast, the Edu-Lords tend to act with ethics in their decisions, perhaps because they know of the consequences of their sheer effectiveness.

It is never the goal of this strip, nor the blog beneath it, to gossip about things that happen schools, but instead to be a sort of behind the scenes look at the way schools function, at the adult level. Sometimes, sadly, teachers do things that make administrators need to Take Steps. Sometimes teachers are wrongly accused, sometimes they are not. At the Edu-Mountain, things are done By the Book, so when a teacher is sent along to “central”, or even to “teacher jail”, it is because other options were just not an option. The last week has seen the need to make two such decisions, complete with security escort, and least semester had one.

From the way I know things to go…I pretty much have confidence that these are the right decisions, made in the interest of student safety and welfare. Even knowing that, it’s kind of tough to see. The Edu-Lords handle the whole thing completely without spectacle, without drama…the only real indication is the absence of the teacher, in a continuous sense, and no notation of a reason for the absence on the “Sub Board.”

Still…without even gossip on the subject, it makes teachers wonder what would in fact put them in such a position. My co-teacher said something to that effect, wondering aloud if teachers could function at all anymore without running afoul of some rule or regulation. I myself am a bit bewildered by one of the situations, especially because i have no real information…confidentiality attaches, after all. The teacher in question was someone that i had spoken with a handful of times, and observed in class…a soft spoken, quiet man, that seemed to be the proverbial salt of the earth.

I suppose that before this year I have know teachers that have been sent to “teacher jail”, and been under a cloud for fairly serious things. I just haven’t every been that conscious of it. for some reason, it seems to be more in focus at this moment.

All that super-evolution, only to be mummified.  Poor bastard.

All that super-evolution, only to be mummified. Poor bastard.

I think that’s it, really. After a while, you start to think that you’d have a kind of Special Sense about these things…like you can somehow just tell when someone is going to be “in trouble.” You start to think that there would be some tip off, some hint that you would know. When this kind of thing happens, it’s kind of a no-win for the teacher under the cloud, because of that. When they come back…if they aren’t “guilty”, you still kind of thought they were for a while, and it’s an icky feeling when you have to talk to them. If they are “guilty”, the fiction of that Special Sense is revealed, and you question how you would know any of the myriad things that teachers are supposed to figure out and report.

You fall back on, “I know that guy, he’s okay.” It’s a basic check and balance.

Still…in a By the Book situation, the school has to have done an investigation that suggests that things need to be taken to a Higher Level. Our site is pretty effective and exhaustive about such investigations, as well as relatively stealthy. In truth, I have to imagine if the last couple of weeks have required such actions…then they legitimately did require such actions.

At the same time, you start to think a bit like my co-teacher, and look over your shoulder a bit for the trap…even if you know you yourself are doing everything By the Book. It’s kind of impossible not to.


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