X-Wing: Ghost Protocol

Seriously, this was a question that came up.

Seriously, this was a question that came up.

Today, for the first time in ages, my close friends and I went to the game store to play X-Wing. We haven’t done that for months, in part because of various responsibilities, in part because of the delays on the release of Wave Eight. I had actually gotten the “Ghost”, a major part of the Wave Eight release, about three to four weeks ago, but hadn’t bothered to unbox it until today.

The Ghost is pretty @#$%ing cool. I didn’t win a game today, but thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Ghost and its new rule set. I pretty much became the target of every single player in the game, and rode out that massive gaming pile on for the bulk of the play time. Pretty satisfying in itself.

The one thing…an art driven thing, though, that drove the art for this post, was clear. My ships are pained the way they arrive from the manufacturer, at Flights of Fantasy Games. A huge number of the ships in play at the game store were custom painted, totally tricked out jobs that were enviably fun to look at in play. Even though I had the only Ghost in play, with Hera (depicted above) at the wheel…I was envious of some of the excellently painted TIE fighters that were on the board. Obviously, that is exactly what drove the art above…Hera complaining about a really cool looking custom TIE in the background.

Without speech balloons.

Without speech balloons.

What this has prompted me to do is pretty simple. I want to get two X-Wing miniatures…one, a cheap A-Wing that can roll out with my Ghost. The second…a generic TIE fighter, that I can custom paint the fig in a way that reflects the random, “mod” style fighter above, and put on the A-Wing template. That way, I’ll be able to play the miniature that I want (based on an episode of Rebels, ‘natch), and still play a faction appropriate set of ships.

Is that high level geekery? Why yes, it is. Thank you for asking.

It’s also the kind of thing that will make an excellent project in about five weeks, when I’m no longer working at forty hour work week, because school is over. Those little projects are very, very important. Two months off sounds great…but you start to get bored.

Today’s gaming was awesome. It was beyond cool to roll out Hera and the Ghost, and play all kinds of X-Wing. I definitely nee to block more of it into my future weeks, before the repaint project.

More serious posts to ensue this week, True Believers.

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