Final Flights of Fantasy.

Still getting to the Edu-Mountain on the loaner, FC3.

Still getting to the Edu-Mountain on the loaner, FC3.

There are a couple of things going on here, in what will be a smaller length post than usual. I especially like the way that the art above came out, and it was startlingly less of a hassle than you might think. It is one of the first pieces done on my new art board, which is slightly larger and lets me get higher levels of detail. Once again, pretty satisfied on that front.

With any luck, today will be the last day that I’m driving the loaner car, and my own vehicle will be coming home. Fingers crossed on that front. The transmission is solid, the engine (new) is dropped in and stays on. Tomorrow there is some road testing to be done, and perhaps a few other parts to finesse. Still, it has been a long time away from home for the old girl, and I am anxious to get her back where she belongs. If necessary, the after school meeting for today will have to be sacrificed to get things in order for the homecoming cruise.

In a related point, at least to the art, the Leadership Class is proceeding forward with the “Every Minute Counts” campaign about student tardiness. It is relevant to the art because about a month ago, maybe more, I drew a Greek warrior riding a pegasus into combat as sort of the mascot of the program. Well…the Greek warrior is the school’s mascot, and he needed to be moving fast, because “Every Minute Counts”…and well, ponies. That piece, in fact, was predated by a Kirbyesque drawing of the protagonist astride the Loaner Pegasus…ironically, my car troubles were more or less the inspiration for the branding of this program.

Equally odd is that the art and logo are not seeing any kind of tangible use. My opinion has been asked on a good number of student incentives, and I have suggested “positive branding”, with cool T-shirts and hats about both the school and being on time…but somehow, the actual art is lost amidst the questions about procedures and policies for deploying such incentives. Oddly, despite how much I’ve been asked about it, I actually believe that the basic incentive to being on time for school should be good grades in your classes, and a diploma that will make you eligible for colleges and universities. If we aren’t running a day care center for teens, then the education and the job opportunities should be the incentives, right?

That’s just crazy talk, though, I’m told.

Still, FC3, the Loaner Pegasus will be flying one of his last missions today. It’s not that we don’t like you, FC3, you’re fine, and reliable. We just like our own stuff a whole lot.


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