One More Hill To Climb (Or Fly Over).

Some of them can just fly over it, you know?  In fact, almost all of 'em.

Some of them can just fly over it, you know? In fact, almost all of ’em.

So…this was not the original content intended for today. This, in fact, was intended to be Friday’s content. However, I’m not yet able to conclude the subplot about my car, causing me to move things around. That’s one of the problems with being a day or two ahead. Still, the advantage of having some kind of plan is that you can make content changes.

This…this is a multiple metaphor piece of artwork. First of all, it directly addresses the crossover by Marvel Comics that just came to a close last week, “Avengers: Standoff (Assault on Pleasant Hill). For the record…I did not really enjoy that crossover, and it took over a significant number of Marvel titles. The basic idea was this: SHIELD has a Cosmic Cube, which they can control, and they make a stereotypically perfect suburban town with it. They put supervillains into that town, after using the Cosmic Cube to reinvent them into ordinary people…making the suburbs their prison. The Avengers step in, because ultimately, it is pretty @#%*ing uncool to completely circumvent even the bad guys’ right to self determination. The whole thing is resolved by the creation of a new version of the superhero Quasar, and yawns.

So in the art, you see, the Mini Avengers are looking with some trepidation at the Pleasant Hill. They don’t seem to think that it looks all that pleasant.

It is also a metaphor for the Final Push that my students have for the semester. We are in the Final Five Weeks…where some students will win (pass), and some will lose (fail), and to consider the Journey lyrics, some are born to sing the blues. Those would be the students who don’t even try, and as a result, “auto fail.” Still, things are looking strong going into the Final Push, and students are enthusiastic about the current project. That alone is a good thing, that should carry the proverbial day, as it were. The key to student achievement is hard work and consistency, and in an almost literal sense they are standing before their Big Hill.

Both the protagonist and Pony can fly, so in theory, they have to help some of the Mini Avengers over the hill. See the metaphor? Very clever.

Way more clever than “Avengers: Standoff” which was very, very bad. I would argue that it was almost as bad as DC’s “Bloodlines” event from the early nineties. Mega Bad.

As a final point of Metaphor, there is that final hurdle to pass, in terms of time, until the release of “Captain America: Civil War.” Everyone is asking me about this these days, and I honestly can only speak to the comic book content, not the film. everyone that I know who has seen the film already says that it is stellar, which is great. I wasn’t a big fan of the source material a decade ago when Marvel’s “Civil War” happened. Still, I wasn’t too big of a fan of the source content for Winter Soldier, and I liked that a whole lot….so fingers are crossed.

That being said, everyone asks me what side I would be on. In terms of the original content, I think I would be on Cap’s “Anti-Registration” side. Superhero registration is proposed as a means of government oversight, to make superheroes safer and more effective. Cap, although being intensely registered with the government himself, doesn’t feel other should have to be. It wouldn’t guarantee any kind of quality, and furthermore, infringes on the civil rights and liberties of the heroes themselves.

As a public school teacher, I am highly registered, regulated, and credentialed. To be employed, my prints needed to be run through an intensive background check. The credential itself requires regular training and retraining. Still, I can safely say that the regulations are no real guarantee of teacher quality, despite the hope that it would be. I’m thinking everyone can see the parallel to superhero registration and regulation here, and I don’t have to draw the picture, as it were.

An odd, wandering post. Sometimes that happens, True Believers.


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