A Reminder From Therapy Clown!

I'm sort of splitting the difference on two anniversaries here.

I’m sort of splitting the difference on two anniversaries here.

On Wednesday, the fourth, it was exactly one year ago that I was hired to work at the Edu-Mountain. It’s actually pretty hard for me to believe that…it feels like just yesterday that I started working there, and a whole school year is already done. Also…it has been a whole year since Free Comic Book Day, which is upon us this weekend (Saturday). That makes it a year ago that I officially began my Special Guest Star relationship with local comic shop Pulp Fiction, which I will be happily reprising this year. Those of you that come out to that sort of thing, I look forward to seeing you there.

I thought that Therapy Clown would be an excellent character to ring in that occasions, and as you can see, she is doing so at gunpoint. Oh Therapy clown, you’re so violent and wacky. We should market you to kids. Oh…wait…DC/Warner Brothers is already pretty much doing that. Beaten to the punch again, I guess.

I never really expected Therapy Clown to be a very positive character, much less a recurring one. She fits the Edu-Mountain setting pretty well, and has become a pretty regular member of the ensemble cast, almost without my noticing. Therapy Clown is very good for presenting things that are confusing, disturbing, or filled with mixed emotions…so maybe that’s why she gets a lot of “air time.” She also fits into a Science Fantasy setting pretty well, although I really want to draw Burger King swilling Mountain Dew on a Dirt Bike as well.

Just Saying.

Things are pretty good, as I am quick to point out. A stable, mostly charming workplace. No more regularly scheduled violence on campus, no security lockdowns. A real interest in the students for “Julius Caesar,” because “it seems fun.” In addition, a kind of a new clubhouse. Sure, it’s not Comics Ink, but the people are nice, the inventory solid, and the environment welcoming. I’m happy enough with that situation that I’m not even going to take a cheap shot at Comic Bug. Well, not today. You know I’m pretty happy in the “Win Column” if I’m passing up a Cheap Shot.

Heck…I even had a really positive conference with the mechanic about my car today, and it looks like she’ll be coming home soon after all. I have to say, the owner has the right idea there….and we went over a big box of gears and other stuff together, which basically will become my new transmission. I’m pretty proud of myself for being a decent human in that whole thing, but I have to say it is easier to do when you deal with someone pretty reasonable themselves. Also…as much as I love my car, it’s a machine. That means that it can be fixed…it just takes time, money and effort.

Those are problems to have. Problems that take time, money and effort, but are guaranteed “Win Column” if you invest them. Also, thinking of time, money, and effort, one of my closest friends turned in her final project for a second graduate degree today…so that is an excellent thing. I was inquiring whether we had a graduation to attend (no), and whether there would be a party (also no). I dislike graduations, but I think a party would have been cool.

Still, clearly a part of Therapy Clown’s cake is to congratulate on that achievement, Maybe there’s some kind of Graduate Frosting in between the layers, made from real Grad Students.


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